The Right Amount of Confidence

20 October 2015
Sometimes it takes a lot to take that small step outside your door. Experiencing the little wonders of the world, getting to know things other people don’t, or will ever know. Discovering your own vision of the world, gives you a certain confidence you need, to be heard in this world. Leaving behind the comfortable zone of your home, friends and even the ability to express yourself easily in the language you used to speak at home is a hard step, but it always pays back in experience, which you will never want to miss out on in your life.
Ivo Buchta at Elite Model Management talks about how he found his way in the world of modeling, travelling to unknown places for jobs for the likes of Calvin Klein, Versace and Moschino. He learnt how important it is to be grateful for the success you have, but never to forget where you come from. It is a thin line between being confident to being arrogant, which Ivo masters gracefully. He is that nice, down-to-earth guy who sits down with us for an interview.
Tell me about yourself. What do you enjoy doing?
I’m 21 years old and I’m a full time model. Beside that I’m studying sports science in Austria, where I come from. Right now I’m travelling a lot so it’s a little difficult for me to keep up with my studies, but I try to do my best when I’m at home. My main focus is modeling though, I guess.
How do you find traveling. Do you like it?
I really like it. I’m always very excited to figure out different places in the world. I really like travelling.

Instant Analogue by Saskia Pfeiffer. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

What is your favorite part about travelling?
To see many different places, old buildings and especially meeting the locals and making friends with them.
Do you make friends with lots of people?
It depends. I’m not forced to get new friends, it’s just nice to get to know people from all over the world.
Tell me an interesting fact about yourself.
An interesting fact about myself is that I’m very confident. But I still know where I’m coming from and I appreciate the success I had in my life. I think that’s an interesting fact?
Are you confident in modeling or just in general?
I try to be confident and I try to do the things, I have to do. But as well I try to not be arrogant or something. To still keep my feet on the ground, as especially as a model people have a false opinion about this business. Some people think everybody is totally rich and arrogant, so I try to show people that it’s not like this. Especially people who don’t know the modeling business.
Have you always been confident?
Yes, I think so. I would say modeling definitively improved that. But again, not in a way that I got bigheaded, but more in a way that it built my personality. I learnt to show other people who I am, but I think I’ve been quite confident in myself the whole time.
Were you different when you were younger?
No, I don’t think so, I was always like this. Quite the similar guy. Quite a normal person. Nothing too exaggerated.
What was your favourite thing about growing up?
To figure out new things in life. Especially when you're getting older you meet new people, see new things and get into unknown difficult situations and try to handle them.
Can you give us an example of a difficult situation?
For instance, when I started modeling, I had no clue about any of it. I had never done any modeling jobs and had to do all this new stuff like castings and photoshoots. It was difficult, because I had no clue what to do so I tried my best and got used to it simply because I had to. These new and unknown situations were a challenge for me, but they made me grow up and helped me become a more confident person who can figure out new things for himself. That’s a perfect example, I think.
How do you think it has changed you as a person?
It helped me get more open to the world and to other people. In the beginning, I was very scared to speak English, because I didn’t know the language so well and that has now improved a lot. Then my whole personality developed as well. Modeling and doing jobs, meeting new people helped me grow up and develop my personality.
What aspects of your personality?
The way you present yourself to clients, because you have to be professional as a model. You have to be confident talking to people you don’t know. So there is no room for shyness or being afraid of speaking English.
If you were an object what would you be?
That’s a really weird question, but an interesting one, haha. What would I be? I think, I would to be a football. I played football for almost my entire life until I switched to being a full time model. It was always my big passion.
Do you have any other creative outlets?
No, not really, to be honest. I’m the worst singer, so I’m avoiding singing, haha.
How do you express yourself?
Through talking, haha.
And who do you talk to about stuff if you need to talk?
I always find nice conversations with anyone. Even though it might be a serious one for example with a client. I try to find something you may have in common and talk about that, and then I'm very open and honest. I still respect people’s privacy, but I try not to be too shy either.
Do you find it difficult not to be shy?
I think, I was always quite open. Not too much though, but I think you have to find that middle thing in between. You should always be yourself.

Words by Saskia Pfeiffer.
Interview by India Opie Meres.

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