The Pet Shop Boy

11 August 2015

“Everyone has a different style and everyone dresses differently. That's your personality in clothes. Everyone is different, so just do what you want to do. Wear what you want to.

We chat to Bradley Phillips at Milk Model Management about his passion for fashion, love for animals and getting into very tight leather trousers (It's more difficult than you think, honest).

Bradley, who considers himself a very open and honest guy immediately hits it off with the BBG family. Conversation fluently flows around the office as Bradley lets us into his world, sharing funny stories and blissful tales. We soon discover his caring, passionate side, as he talks us through his love for family and passion for fashion. He also reveals to us a very unusual hidden talent.

Amongst it all he bonds with Tilly, the office cat, immediately. He clearly has a cat whisperer magic touch, which makes him an instant fave. Tilly falls asleep on his shoes. We get a sense of who Bradley is.

Hey Bradley, we first saw you at the CMMN SWDN presentation, and were excited to bring you in for a casting to meet you. How long have you been modelling for?
Only two weeks!

How did you get scouted?
I was having lunch in Guildford with my friend and then Josie from Milk Model Management came over and said ‘Have you ever thought about modelling?’. I didn't really think anything of it at first, but then I went down to the agency about a month later and it all went from there.

Are you still at school?
No, I finished school when I was 17. I was the oldest in the year.

What were you doing before modelling?
When I finished school I went into working at my local pet shop where I worked for about six or seven months. Then this modelling opportunity came up, so I wanted to go with it.

You're a big animal person? Tilly seems to love you.
Yeah, I love animals. I have several animals at home.

What else do you do in your spare time?
I love sleeping, and I like meeting up with my friends and going out to dinner with family. My family are really close. I’ve got two brothers. I’m the youngest.

What's it been like coming to London?
I come up here with my family to go shopping, but I’ve never got the underground before so it's all a bit strange. Having to learn to use Citymapper, haha.

If you had to describe yourself as an object what object would you be?
I don't know. That is such a weird question isn't it haha? A book, because my life is like an open book. I'm quite an open person. Everyone knows everything about me. I say it how it is.

That is a good trait to have.
Yeah. Sometimes it might not be a good trait, because it might upset some people, but I think I’d rather be honest than dishonest.

Yeah definitely. Is there anything that you've been thinking about modelling that your hoping you don't have to do?
Well I’ve already had to wear these really tight leather trousers and they were like two sizes too small for me, so it was really uncomfortable. I wouldn't want to have to do that again. Three people had to do these trousers up on me it was ridiculous.

Are you into clothes yourself?
Yeah I’m a bit obsessed with buying clothes. I just buy for the sake of it.

Where do you shop?
Mostly online. Anywhere really.

What do you like about clothes?
Everyone has a different style and everyone dresses differently. That is your personality in clothes. Everyone is different and just do what you want to do. Wear what you want to.

Give me a weird fact about yourself?
I can dislocate my wrist. That's a weird fact.

Does that not hurt?
No. Would you like to see?

Yeah go on then. Ah I don't like it haha. What was your favourite subject at school?
Probably English. I had a really cool teacher and she wasn't strict. She just let us do what we wanted to do and helped us do all the work.

So you didn't have to do anything?
No haha. Easy life.

What was the last song you listened to?
Four, Five Seconds by Rihanna.

Photography by Cecilie Harris.
Words by Katy Thomas.

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