The Many Talents of Pieter Paul

23 July 2013

During our shoot with Pieter Paul from Premier Models shot by Cecilie Harris, we took the opportunity to talk to him about juggling modeling and university, his passion for partying and his uncanny resemblance to a young Jude Law. To which he replied ‘he’s old’, but we still liked to remind him of it every ten minutes.

A man of many talents, 22 year old Pieter is no ordinary model, he is about to graduate university with a BA in accounting. When we told him he had a sophisticated air about him, he simply blushed and replied ‘It’s the glasses’. Not only does this modest young Dutchman model and study, he is also a keen rower, recently returning from a trip to Venice where he rowed down the Grand Canal.

We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Pieter - we think you will too. Scroll down to check out our interview.

Tell us about your modeling journey so far.
I got scouted at school and had some test shots done. Then I did some shows in Amsterdam first, and then went to Paris to do shows. I have done quite a few shows already in Paris and Milan.

Do you see yourself as more of a Catwalk model?
Because I’m still in school I have prioritised some catwoalk work.

What are you studying at University?
Im studying accounting and am graduating this year.

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris

Congratulations! How would you describe yourself in three words?
Three words ... Open minded, creative .. and one more word ...

(He laughs) No ... or maybe. (He pauses) You can say that. (We remind ourselves that geek glasses are pretty hot).

What else are you passionate about other than modelling?
Sports. I played baseball for a long time and now I’m rowing in a student sorority. So it’s mainly the social thing and then sometimes rowing.

What is your ultimate dream?
To have a nice and easy life where I could do whatever I want.

And if you could live anywhere, where would you live?
I have lived in America and Finland before, but I prefer to live in Holland I think. I think it’s the culture. It’s nice to live in another country, but you still miss home. I would like to live in a big city, because I don’t like small towns.

How are you finding London?
Ahh yeah London is quite nice, I haven’t seen much of it yet. I came straight from Amsterdam and the airport to this shoot. I just got a single way ticket so I need to find out how long I’m here for. I have no idea.

Indefinitely (we hope). Where is the best place you have modelled?
I’ve done mainly shows and the best place for that was Milan.

If you could have a super power, which one would you have?
Invisibility. I could sneak through everywhere and look at people and they cant see you.

What makes you happy?
Modelling, enjoying life, traveling and relaxing. Meeting with friends and to party.

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Words by Annie Ounstead.

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