The Future Is Blind

17 March 2015

On a grey Wednesday afternoon we sat in the office slowly drinking brewed tea, doing important stuff and bemusing ourselves with Tilly the cat. At 2pm, just after lunch, Cieran Lloyd (Supa models) knocked on the door and explained how he got a bit lost looking for the office. It is human instinct to make a first impression of someone in your head, but at Boys by Girls we always give people the opportunity to express who they are as a person, not just a model. Within ten minutes we were opened up to Cieran’s wisdom, positive drive for success and realistic outlook on life. Colour had returned to the office.

Dressed in a style he descibes as 'Rocky/Grunge', he sat on our sofa and with his thick Birmingham accent he talked us through who Cieran is.

Hello Cieran! Tell us who you are.
Hi, I’m Cieran and I like to take long walks on the beach.

(We all laugh) maybe in a less dating profile kind of way?
I’m Cieran, I’m 19 and I’m from a little town around the Wolverhampton area. It's a place where there are no fashion things for me to do, so modelling is a good opportunity for me. I’ve been working in music for three years, mainly organising gigs for bands. I’ve just recently been scouted in Birmingham, so for the meantime, I’m focusing on this.

Instant analogue by Cecilie Harris. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

I’m very fascinated by the fact you come across as quite chilled and very self-aware initially, but then you’ve got this organized side and I’m like ooh.
I guess music is the thing that’s held me down for so many years, as it’s the only thing I've felt I'm really good at.

How did your interest in music start?
When I was in school I went to my first gig and loved it. I then picked up playing the drums for seven years, which led me to gettting involved with the business of promoting and organising gigs. At 16/17 years old I found it difficult getting people to take me seriously, but after a while I made friends and found that bands were coming to me to ask for a place to play.

What are some up and coming bands you work alongside that you think we should know about?
Weathered Hands are an awesome band, and the lead singer, John, has opened my mind to a lot of new things. Another band is Wicked Snakes, who are punk with a Jimi Hendrix vibe, very doomy blues.

Cool, I will check them out. Looking ahead, where do you see yourself in ten years time?
I don’t really know, the future is blind. About seven weeks ago I was looking for a new job and now I’m here. Whatever you do in life, everything can all of a sudden take a different turn. You don’t choose your path, it just happens, which is why I take everything with a pinch of salt. I want to be in a mentality where if things do go a bit south, then I can sort it out. I’ve always got a backup plan.

Talk about your tattoo. What does it say?
It says ‘Listen to your mind’. I’m also going to get a heart, because I say to people “Listen to your mind, cos your heart is blind.” The heart feels what’s going on and makes you do things, but your mind sees and knows what’s going on, so make sure you stick up there. Follow your heart, but listen to your mind.

You’re like a little surprise aren’t you (we all laugh). Do a lot of people pre judge you?
Yeah I get prejudged all the time. People will think I’m rather arrogant cos of how tall I am and I’ve got a Brummie accent. (Again, we all laugh as he puts on his thickest Brummie accent). I expect to get prejudged in the modelling industry too, but every shoot I’ve gone to its finished with them telling me I’m very easy to get along with and they didn’t expect me to be the way I am. With music, I’ve learnt how to find a connection with people.

Going back to your sayings, I really love ‘Listen to your mind, cause your heart is blind’.
Yeah I write lyrics and poetry, but I don’t like saying them out loud because the last time I did it quite a few people nicked them haha. I also have an anchor music note tattooed on me, because music holds me down.

What do you do with what you write? Is it mostly for yourself?
It’s to get my feelings out and to express myself. I do like shouting crap out in a band (apologies for saying crap). I just like to express myself with lyrics really. Everyone has demons so you have to express yourself.

Interview by Cecilie Harris and Tim Sprague.
Words by Tim Sprague.

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