The Creator

23 December 2014

Sam Alexander is a creator; endlessly he creates stories, illustrations, bikes, guitars. For issue 7, photographer and Editor-in-Chief, Cecilie Harris shoots Sam at home and has created this intimate video interview as a preview to the print feature, with one of Boys by Girls’ favourite boys.

“I like stories about things that aren’t meant to be…things that no one else tells because they shouldn’t be told.”

The silence between questions is replaced with the serene sound of birds singing and the constant chop of wood. As he is sat in front of the familiar dark wooden shed, he looks like a real life lost boy as this muted characterization of him is probably more impacting than words themselves.

To learn more about Sam's endearing thoughts, illustrations and for some generally quite pleasant stories as well as photographs, you can pick up a copy of Issue 7: Obsessions, which is out now in shops, or you can also purchase it via our website here.

Instant analogue by Cecilie Harris. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

Interview and Video by Cecille Harris.
Words by Molly Baker.

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