The Conqueror

18 October 2016
Sometimes life surprises you and great things happen very fast. When a dream comes true, the world is your oyster, nothing can stop you and you are willing like never before to get on this ride you have waited for so long. But these life changing events often come with challenges, such as leaving your family more than 18,000 kilometres behind in order to end up in a metropolitan city like Berlin - a city that challenges you to discover yourself and everything around you from a new perspective. In those moments when you miss the familiar, when you have to step out of your comfort zone and life offers you the key to something new, you might find something worth the courage. Exciting, but at the same time intimidating, always try to be curious enough to open up new doors and look what’s behind them.
Armed with a wavy quiff reminiscent of a young Elvis Presley and steady eyes, New Zealand born Alexander Weber is ready to seize the moment and conquer the world of fashion. Having recently started his modelling career as Iconic Management’s first male model, Alex has already completely immersed himself in this new adventure with this trip to Europe. Photographer Sophie Schwarzenberger captures the charming kiwi in a mix of intimate sunlight and blue toned shades, whilst the pair are submerged into conversation talking about his life, how it suddenly changed and what the next dream is.

I hear it’s been a bit of a crazy journey for you after you were scouted on the street?
Yeah, Iconic Model Management scouted me about six weeks ago, and these last two months my life has changed very fast and in an an intense way. After I called my mum and told her that I wanted to be a model in Europe, she was really shocked. She thinks I will never come back to New Zealand again. I just feel very lucky, especially because I am the first male model at Iconic Management.

How are you finding your time in Germany?
Ahhhhhm.. haha, it's quite a weird culture for me; the crazy vibe of Berlin, the people... but I like it in a strange way..It's just so different from New Zealand.

How does it compare to your life in New Zealand?
I can't compare it. It's like a different life! Modeling itself and the things around that is like a totally new scene, but I also enjoy it.

How are you finding modelling so far?
I really like it, most of the time you get to spend the whole day laughing and joking, and you still get to call it work. I really enjoy my work.

What would a normal day prior to modelling consist of?
I really can't remeber what a normal day is like, but not to long ago I told my teachers that I wanted to study and stuff, and now I live in Europe and I'm a model, haha.

What are your passions in life?
I want to say modelling is my passion, because I really like it, but I have a friend who told me that passion is what you're doing your whole life and I just started now. Don't get me wrong, modelling is great and I definetly want to do that - I would like to call it my passion, maybe it just started now.

How would you describe your character to someone that doesn’t know you?
Oh my gooood... I'd like to think I am a really sweet guy, haha. I'm one of those people who are really quiet at the beginning, but when I trust people I can be more outgoing.

Are you a sensitive guy?
I would say yes, I am sensitive to a lot of things, but beeing in such a big city, you do loose a big part of yourself. You have to save yourself a bit more.

Is your religion a big part of your life?
I'm religious, but it doesnt affect my daily life. It shouldn't change how people act or see me, it's like my personal thing and I am open minded for every other opinion.

Do you have any goals or aspirations in life?
Paris next year, haha, seriously - Paris. From my modelling point of view, it's walking the shows for the big designer names and travel around to new places. Personally for me, as long as I enjoy what I'm doing, and not focused on the future that much, that's what matters. But if you ask me about the future, just give me a little house on the river and a wife and a dog... very stereotype I know.

If you were granted three wishes, what would they be?
To have my familiy and friends coming to Europe, would be one, because I'm definetely homesick. Then another wish would be to make modelling help my dreams come true and that my photos make it to the cover of Boys by Girls, wink wink, haha.

What does the future hold for you?
Hopefully something worth talking about at a dinner table when I'm old. Considering how fast this year has chagend, I'm keeping an open mind. I'm lucky enough to do something that not a lot of people can do, and I'm chasing the dream and will see what happens.

Photography and Interview by Sophie Schwarzenberger.
Grooming by Julia Krohse.
Words by Lena Banning.

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