The Cheesecake Chat Show

8 April 2015

What would you do if you had no limitations? Imagine the freedom of having no one holding you back and you were constantly fuelled with freedom, adrenaline and money. Tour the world? Skydive? Maybe…or just start a really cool TV show, so you can meet all your favourite celebrities while you eat cheesecake.

Having just opened for Kit Neale at London Collections: Men and recently shooting for Another Man Magazine, Shaurya at Supa Model Management has entered the industry with a powerful start. Away from the physical world of modelling, his brain is challenged through the study of maths, chemistry, biology and physics. With an Indian background and a school boy youth, he tells us about his adrenaline filled passions, love of cheesecake and what it means to be “just the right amount of arrogant”.

Tell us who you are.
I’m Shaurya, I’m 16 years old and live in Birmingham. Erm, there’s not really much to tell. haha

How did you get into modelling?
I was in town with my friends and then Charlie at Supa Model Management said “Hey, I’m looking for models” and I just looked at him like “….what?”

Are you enjoying it?
Yeah, it’s all very surreal. It’s a completely different experience to anything I’ve ever done before, which is pretty cool. I’ve just shot for Another Man Magazine and I opened for Kit Neale during London Collections: Men.

What did it feel like to walk your first show?
It’s completely hectic, but a fun kind of hectic. At the show everyone created such a relaxed atmosphere that my nerves were calmed down, I had such a good time. I was focusing a lot to not slip over haha. I walked and then had to rush back for an outfit change, which we had to do in the line-up because time had run out.

Fashion week stress! Beyond modelling, what are you passionate about?
I’m passionate about a lot of things, like cars and I do sport too. I love football, but not cricket, which tends to surprise people. So yeah, sports and cars, oh I’m passionate about science too.

If you could own any car what would it be?
1967 Porsche. I went to Germany last year with school and visited the Porsche museum where I saw my dream car. I would love to have one of them.

Where would you take your dream car on a road trip?
Probably somewhere in Europe. I would also love to go to Thailand one day.

Are you currently studying alongside modelling?
Yeah, I study maths, biology, physics and chemistry. I’m hoping to do medicine and hopefully become a surgeon.

Wow! How do you find mixing all of that with modelling?
It’s strange! I never expected to get into modelling. When I walk into school I’m there to study and work, but when I come into London it’s a completely different world. It’s two different, worlds but in a good way.

Is there anything you’re learning from modelling that you’re taking into your every day life?
As a model I’ve been taught to be confident and be myself. You meet so many different types of people so I’ve learnt a lot about interacting with them, which is useful for when I come to interviews and work placements.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Funny, sarcastic and just the right amount of arrogant.

What’s the right amount of arrogant? haha
It's like, not so arrogant that people hate you, but arrogant enough to be confident and be yourself around different people.

Are you always sarcastic too?
Haha, I’m not always sarcastic! I guess it just depends who I am around. When my brother comes up to me with his homework I’ll sarcastically give him the wrong answers, but I don’t think he understand, because sometimes he will write them down.

Are you close with your brother?
Yeah, he’s younger and annoying. We are there for each other, but argue a lot too. To be fair, I was probably really annoying when I was younger. I look back to when I was 13 and I did the stupidest stuff. This one time we went cinema with my friends for my birthday and bought tickets for ‘Cars 2’, but snuck into the screen where ‘The Hangover’ was playing. The security guards then came, so four of us instantly left everyone else by jumping over the seats and running away.

Do you have any words or favourite quotes you live by?
I always read quotes and think about them for a day, but then just tend to forget them haha. I do live by YOLO a bit.

YOLO was quite an overused saying at one point, people would be like “getting a cup of tea, YOLO”. (all of the office laughs).
So true. haha

Tell us three random facts about yourself.
I’ve been able to drive since I was 11.

Whaaaaat? Legally?
No no, my dad taught me when I was in India. Another fact is I like doing assault courses a lot, like go-karting and rock climbing. I’m also bilingual. I’m able to speak two languages, because I used to live in India until I was 5.

What’s your favourite thing about visiting India?
Catching up with family, oh and the food. There are shacks where you can get all the types of food you could want.

You also mentioned go-karting and driving, both adrenaline based things.
Yeah I’ve always been into adrenaline placed things. When I was in Turkey last year I saw a bunch of sky divers and I wanted to go so badly, but obviously my parents said no. I’ve always been into water sports and adrenaline rushes. I wouldalso love to be able to ride horses and do races, it seems like so much fun. Maybe host a TV show, chat to a bunch of celebrities.

That’s quite random.
Haha, yeah, well I just thought about it and there are so many celebrities that I would love to know and see what they are like compared to how they are in films and TV shows.

So this imaginary TV show, what’s it called?
Ooo, the name…"Getting jiggy with Shauyra".

Haha! What would the show entail?
I went to this show once, don’t remember the name, but one of the songs they were singing was called ‘Getting Jiggy With It’, and it has been in my head ever since. I would set it out with two couches, one for me and one for the guests.

You would have a whole sofa for yourself? You on one, five guests squeezed into another?
Yeah! And a really big cheesecake in the middle! Now that’s my third fact about myself, I like cheesecake. My neighbour once made us a New York style one and it had a layer of orange on top, it was the best.

Is the cheesecake on the show all for you, or do you share it with your guests?
Just for me. They just watch me. They can just have water.

Finally, could you give our readers some life advise?
Think before you do something, because I’ve had a lot of situations where I’ve had disastrous consequences from my actions that I didn’t think about. So yeah, just think for a second or two before you act.

Photography by Sophie Mayanne.
Words by Tim Sprague.

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