The Charismatic & Mysterious Fionn

6 March 2019

Today we are pleased to introduce 16-year-old heart throb and all round cheeky chap Fionn Creber from Nevs Models. We simply had to have him in for one of our specialty portrait shoots with Cecilie Harris (infamous car park and all) after first meeting him on our boy hunting adventures during the London Collections: Men in January 2013. We made sure to find out all about what makes him tick, so we could all get to know him a bit better.

We loved Fionn from the first time we met him and he continued to charm us with his charismatic personality and cheeky sense of humour. One of the many things we learnt from the lovely Fionn was that ducks can't fly backwards (yes, very random we know!) and knowing us, we also had to find out whether he is a hit with the ladies. He's definately won us over, that’s for sure!

Take a look at the full interview with the very charming Fionn below and if you missed out on seeing this beautiful boy captured on camera in our recent exclusive new face series, then you can find the full series of images here; complete with his flying ducks jumper. We might just be head-over-heels!

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I'm an aspiring actor, whether or not I'm any good is a different kettle of fish. I do like to sing and also do karate, I've been doing that for seven or so years; so I'm reasonably good at it.

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris.

How would you describe yourself as a person?
Reasonably intelligent. Fairly charismatic, good-looking, clever. You know, fairly modest too. haha I'm quite normal... I'd like to think I'm normal.

What is your proudest moment ever?
Hmm proudest moment ever… I got awarded a laptop by my school because I had excellent GCSE results! I'm only young so I haven't done that many things that are cool, but I think getting given a laptop because you’re intelligent is a good thing.

What's your best subject at school?
History or drama.

What have you done drama wise that you have had most fun with?
Right now I'm doing a play called “Metamorphosis” for my A-levels, and I have to act as a giant dung beetle. I don't actually have any poo to play with, which I don't know whether is unfortunate or not. Basically this guy works his arse off for his family and then he turns into a beetle; it's really odd stuff and I have to do loads of physical theatre. I'm the only boy in a class of ten girls, which was interesting when I first started. I have to go to a girls school because mine doesn't offer it. I got stared at.

Are you popular with the girls?
Well… popular, how would you define popular? People who don't know me like me. I'd say that I have a lot of close friends that are girls, who can take the constant biting sarcasm I spew out; uncontrollable word vomit. Yeah, I have a lot of female friends, whether or not they are interested in me that way or people I don't know are interested in me that way. I'm only young.

What is the saddest thing you have ever experienced?
Well when I was seven I thought the saddest thing that ever happened was my fish trying to kill itself behind the filter, and I found it floating the next day. I was like "Mum he's dead!" That was my first meeting with death. When my grandmother died and we went over to Ireland, that was the first time I'd ever seen my mum really upset, so that really upset me and hit me because I was quite young. I never had a proper relationship with my nan as she lived in Ireland, but I have a close relationship with my mum, so I found it quite distressing to see her upset. That was hard.

What lessons have you learned whilst growing up?
One of the most important lessons was to keep myself quite reserved, because I was sort of an emotional child; in the way my dad used to say I wore my heart on my sleeve. I learned to keep myself to myself, and to listen. I'm quite a good listener, so I learn and don't give too much away. I think that’s quite important in life. Save who you really are for the people you care most about. I don't give away everything at once; I'm like a mine.

So every time we meet you, we'll get to peal a new layer?
Yes, today you got ducks. Next time who knows what will happen. I like ducks. A duck cannot fly backwards. Fact.

That makes you a really interesting person.
Yes, sexy and mysterious haha.

Any other things you've learnt?
Don't piss people off when you're in a situation where they can hurt you. I think that's a standard one. Keep your friends close and your enemies as far away as possible. Preferably several hundred miles.

Cheers for the chat Fionn, we shall see you soon for more magic for sure!

Fionn Creber_MS1
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