The Boys And Girl Of ‘Kissing Kate’

15 October 2013

We know that you have all eagerly been awaiting the release of our fifth issue 'Lessons.' So to fill you in a little more about one of our very special editorials by Cecilie Harris, "Kissing Kate", we sat down the boys and girl from the story. Chatting between shots, we got to know their views and thoughts of the day, as well as some behind the scenes gossip.

Get to know Alex Heerema and Isaac Ekblad at Premier and Tom Leigh and Kate Howat at Elite, as they chat aeroplanes, climbing and wandering hands.

So guys tell us a bit about the editorial you are shooting today.
Isaac: We are shooting a story with of a bit of a young love affair, four friends, and we are all fighting over the same girl. So there is some tensions there.

Who gets the girl?
Isaac: Nobody gets the girl you know. One guy almost gets the girl and gets in for a kiss, another guy tries to steal her and the first guys gets jealous.

Kate: I think its a lot about growing up, and how your relationships between boys and girls goes from not being fussed about it at all and there isn't any sort of tension, going to the teenage years when it’s all awkward, and then when you finally grow up its completely different to how you were when you were younger.

(From left to right) Alex Heerema, Tom Leigh, Kate Howat and Isaac Ekblad. Polaroid by Cecilie Harris.

Kate, you are shooting for a menswear Magazine. How has it been for you today?
Kate: I really enjoyed it, it’s nice, it’s different! I think it’s really cool to mix it up a bit with having some girls in there aswell and to shoot with the boys. And its a nice change for me as well.

What were the guys like to work with today?
Kate: It was fun! We had some inappropriate hands going on by this one though haha(points to Tom).

Tom, what did you do?
Tom: Um, I don’t actually think I’ve done anything wrong.
Isaac: Ohhh, I feel like there’s tension already.
Kate: No, it was really good fun. They are a really good bunch, I really enjoyed it.

Alex, what was your favourite piece of clothing and location today?
Alex: Probably the first one for the opening double page by the courts, yeah I liked that.

Tom, which outfit for you today was your favourite?
Tom: I think the one I’m in now. As for location I liked the last one we shot where Isaac was saying there was a lot of tension. This was the scene with Kate, Isaac and me, where we are up close together on the basketball court. It was more fun and more interesting to shoot, trying to act out that one boy was getting the girl and the other one was jealous, and it completely switched around in a matter of seconds.

And what about you Kate?
Kate: I liked the editorial opening page as well. I liked the layout of it and what I was wearing. I thought that my clothes sort of reflected the innocence of it aswell, cause I was all in white. It was a nice opener, its very clear and basic.

What about you Isaac?
Isaac: Same as Kate, I really like my outfit to wearing Kenzo.

And you also climbed for us today!
Isaac: I did climb for you today.

Did you enjoy it?
Isaac: I did.

Do you tend to climb?
Isaac: I climb things all the time.

Isaac is a climber and Tom climbed.
Tom: Yeah it was hard getting down though.

Is there any behind the scenes gossip we don't know about?
Kate: Tom really likes planes.
Alex: Yeah Tom claims at 800ft is when the wheels come down the landing gear.
Tom: Fact, interesting fact.
Alex: Incorrect fact probably.

Cheers you guys, you are all awesome. Thanks for sharing your "Kissing Kate" experience and feelings with us.

Interview by Cecilie Harris.
Words by Sophie Victoria Ann.

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