That One Time At Bandcamp

1 December 2015

Noa — a voice you could listen to all day. The deep, velvety, monotone notes that flow as he speaks are satisfyingly soothing, and you want it to last longer. Imagining his violin playing, adding to the sweet sounds. Originally hailing from Oregon, the 20 year old boy is a sweet, low key kind of guy - impressively well mannered in fact. Noa is that boy who offers his seat on the bus. We immediately warm to him.

In this series Noa Thomas at AMCK Models is serenely captured by Nicola Collins in black and white for the latest Boys by Girls Issue 9, “Growing Sideways”. Noa breathes a sense of freedom and fluidity of movement into the images, only enhanced by the talent of Nicola’s photography and styling of Abena Ofei. His cool aura is powerfully apparent in Collins’ photographs. With ballet dancer parents it is no wonder where Noa gets his musical cultivation and animating moves from.

Continuing on from the shoot, we sit and chat over Caesar salad about violins, growing up, and falling in love at band camp. Below we give you a small glimpse of this conversation.

Extend to unravel the full words of Noa, by getting your own copy of Issue 9.

Issue 9 interview extracts:

How would you describe yourself?
I’m a very relaxed person and don’t like stress. I’m quite low key, and if given a choice between a party or staying at home, I prefer to be in a relaxed place. Maybe that has to do with being an only child.

Let’s talk about your passions.
I played the violin for ten years. It’s difficult and a pain sometimes, but if you practise you make a little bit of a leap every day. It teaches you to build slowly rather than just go straight to a result. Playing in an orchestra is awesome and gives you this amazing feeling, because everyone is working together to make this one sound and perfect piece of music. I was never comfortable being soloist, I would rather support the person who is the soloist.

I like the idea that you’re seeing the beauty in not being in the spotlight, but the one that makes the symphony happen.
It’s the same with being an athlete, everyone sees the person who made the shot or scored the goal, but you don’t see the person who helped make it happen.

Do you have any ‘that one time at band camp’ stories?
Yes, not suitable for a magazine though, haha. Basically, they have a lot of activities like bonfires and team building activities, everyone brings out a blanket and lays down. Sometimes two people meet and sometimes they like each other.

What else would you like to say?
London is very beautiful. I like salad.

Read the full interview and hear more wise words about salad and bandcamp from Noa in his print feature in Issue 9 'Growing Sideways'.

Model NOA THOMAS at AMCK Models

Intro by Molly Rose Baker.

Noa Thomas_6201
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