Teenagers Are Humans Too

27 May 2014

Hidden within the pages of Boys by Girls Magazine Issue 6 “The Truth About Boys”, there is a surprise waiting for you wonderful readers. A secret. A quirk, if you will, to the usual BBG delivery. Deep in the pages you can find Girls by Boys. That's right, a girl within a menswear magazine. A beautiful 8 page editorial captured by fabulously awesome photographer Nik Hartley. The stunning Madison Clark at Supa Model Management, dressed elegantly in head to toe Topshop. After exploring the teenage boys of today we decided to flip the concept and in true BBG style, Nik has given us a glimpse into the world of a teenage girl at home. Check out the little preview of the print editorial.

A young woman of many talents, after her shoot with Nick, Madison sat down with Cecilie Harris between her very busy schedule to tell her everything she gets up to; from training at her Performing Arts School, to her new found love of modelling.

Hi Madison! Why don’t we start by you telling me about yourself? Who is Madison Clark?
That’s probably the hardest question! Ok, well I live just outside of Brighton so it is a long way from here. I go to a Performing Arts School and I have been doing performing arts since I was about 9 years old. So far I have done two West End shows. I did The Wizard of OZ at The London Palladium and Oliver at The Theatre Royal when I was about 12 - it was good fun. I’m studying at the moment so I have to fit all my academic and training work in, as well as my college auditions. I have also been modelling with Supa Model Management since they started their girls board.

Instant Analogue by Cecilie Harris. Special thanks to Impossible.

Tell me more about your performances. You do it all; singing, dancing, acting?
Well I started singing mostly. I was at my primary school and they were putting on a big performance. I remember this opera group came in and were teaching us the musical version of "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe". I had never sung in front of people before, but I went to the auditions and I got the main part! So I was practising at home and my sister knew someone who came to The Performing Arts School in London and she was like ‘Oh my God, you should audition for Sylvia Young!’ which is this school. I came to the summer school here for a week and we did groups; which was really fun. I just loved it so a year later I auditioned for the school and I got a place, and ever since I've literally lived and breathed it.

Tell me a little bit about your week.
Monday to Wednesdays we do our academic studies. come in on a Monday with all my school books, Maths, English and Science cause I’m studying for my GCSE’s. On Thursdays we are put into groups on how good our grades are and for two hours we do tap, then I have a drama lesson, jazz lesson for an hour, then lunch. Then it’s singing, another jazz lesson and then I have another drama lesson. We do four hours of dance on Thursdays. Friday is Ballet day and we are put into groups by our ballet grades; I just kind of go with the flow. We also do speech on Friday and then drama, singing, jazz, have some lunch and then I have contemporary dance and then double ballet. The second ballet lesson is always point work.

Do you do performances at the school?
Sometimes. Last year we did a massive performance. It was last March with the whole school at the Lambert Hotel which was really good. Each year had a musical and condensed it to 10 minutes for the show, so all the songs were mashed together. It was really good fun. It was amazing! I want to do it again, but we rarely do shows, because everybody is busy with their training.

What’s it like to be on stage?
It’s amazing. When I had my first open night, it was just amazing. I can’t even explain the feeling. When I was younger it was my dream to be on the West End stage and when you’re on stage it’s just wow. I love it.

What do you see for the future, what are your dreams?
Right now all I’m thinking about is, training training training, so that I can excel in all of the performing arts. Then see whatever comes really. I want to be with a Performing Arts Agency andsee where it goes from there.

If you could pick one thing that you're like this is what I would like to do, that one show?
I would like to be Maria in The Sound of Music, I’ve always wanted to do that.

I love the ‘Sounds of Music’. What’s your favourite song?
I’d probably say ‘Favourite Things’ you know (starts to sing) ‘I simply remember my favourite things….’

Beautiful. If you could describe yourself in three words, how would you?
Oh, it’s really hard! One I think, I’m slightly odd. If that counts as one word. I’m also independent and fun. My friends find my quite fun, haha. I have friends, which is a plus!

How are you slightly odd?
Being in this industry makes you quite different to everyone else. When I’m at home with my friends I went to primary school with, they're all a bit like, OK you're quite weird. To them I'm quite odd, but here I’m really normal.

Out of all the performing arts what’s the one you feel the most passionate about?
Singing. Singing is my best. That’s what I started out doing, but I also enjoy dance so much. Singing is my best though and it comes from the heart. Dancing, I’ve had to work to be able to do, and now I’m like in the highest grades.

If you had to audition and sing what’s the one song that you’d pick?
‘How Could I Ever Know’ from The Secret Garden. I don’t know why, I think I found it and it has a nice range. That’s been the one I’ve been using for a lot of my auditions.

What do you do when you're not at school?
On a Saturday I work in a bakery from 9am till 2pm. Then I go home and do some studying, but I get easily distracted and I look online for shoes cause I love shoes! I’m always on Net-a-porter. Literally. Sundays my dad puts the fire on in the winter and we sit and watch movies all day with popcorn and my dog.

You need downtime as well.
Usually I wake up on Saturday and I can’t move. I’m so stiff. I’m like a brick on a Saturday, cause of all the dance I’ve been doing. I try to make my life easy at the weekends and I try to study and get my homework done, but otherwise I’m doing photoshoots.

What are you enjoying about modelling?
What is nice is when you get a nice picture, because I didn't think I was very photogenic. I’m like ‘wow that’s lovely!’ Also it’s nice working with loads of different people. I get to meet new people all the time. When you're doing shoots, it makes you really independent.

What have you learnt about yourself from modelling?
I’ve learnt that I’m no good at directions, because I get lost all the time when I’m on my way to places. But I have learnt just to be yourself really, and modelling is not what everybody thinks it is either. Everybody expects the modelling industry to be glam, and everybody expects you to have to be really skinny and that you can’t eat. Everyone asks if I can eat and I’m like ‘yeah I eat a lot!’ I just love it. It’s really good fun. It’s nice to do as well as the performing arts because it kinda helps.

How do you feel it helps?
Well I do drama; and for example, I did a magazine once where the photographer wanted me to look like I was lost, so my drama helped with that really. She was like, this is really good! It’s just helpful really, and movement so my dance helps with that too.

We did your "Girls by Boys" shoot for this issue as we wanted to surprise our readers a little bit. By flip it around and shoot a girl at home and see what that turned out like.
It was so exciting to do! And I really liked the clothes, no, I loved the clothes!

Is that cause it was all Topshop?
Exactly. Yeah, I love Topshop.

Is that one of your favourites?
I shop so much in Topshop!

So you’re saying it was your dream shoot?
Yeah it was! I’ll finish at school and head straight to Topshop and be home really late at like 8 o’clock, and my mum would be asking me where I’d been. I’d have so many bags of Topshop clothes.

So you got to shoot at home dressed in Topshop with Nik and then Way was there styling you.
Yeah it was amazing. They are all so nice! We had a family meal with everybody, and my mum made mac and cheese for everyone.

What was the rest of the day like and the shoot?
It was so much fun. I had my hair done, and Adam did my make up. I got into the outfits and they were all so nice. It was just really nice; like do you know what was weird?

Do tell.
It was that my house felt like a different place for the day. My mum had spent the whole day cleaning, so it was spotless and it felt like I was on location, but really I was at home. It went really fast as well actually.

What is it like growing up in England as a 16 year old girl?
I like England, it's not my favourite place, but I like it cause its home.

What is your favourite place?
Barbados, I went on holiday there with my family and it’s my most favourite place I’ve ever been too. I would happily live there for the rest of my life. But I like England. I like the fact that I am in Brighton and I’m in London. I just love London. Like this morning my bus terminated at Park Lane, so I had to walk to Hyde Park and I was just like, I’m so lucky to be in London every single day! I never realised how much I take for granted. It really is a beautiful city and it has amazing shops and I love the independence it gives me.

What are the good things about being 16 and what are the bad things?
Well the good things; my parents pay for everything at the moment, I don’t have to pay any bills, and I can get away with a lot of things really, because I’m 16 I’m a child still. Bad things about being 16, is that no one understands me. No one in my family understands me at all. They are all like ‘oh you're just a teenager’, and I tell them ‘no I’m a human, ok! Teenagers are humans too!’

What part of you do you feel that they don’t understand?
When I am upset about something they'll tell me its just being a teenager, and I’m like no I'm actually upset about this. They think I get upset over stupid things. It’s important to me, so it’s not stupid. It matters. I think age is just a number actually, because when I first meet people they often think I’m a lot older. Like when we were shooting on Sunday, everyone thought I was doing my A Levels, but when I told them I was doing my GCSE’s they we all so shocked.

Madison, it was so lovely to speak to you and I can't wait to see more of you on the big stage and in lots of magazine and good things.

Interview by Cecilie Harris.
Words by Cat Wilding.
Special thanks to Impossible.

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