Sweet as Chocolate Sam

10 September 2013

Following Sam's portrait series, the dreamy Nevs Models Sam stopped by the BBG headquarters to fill us in on how he was finding his time in London and what he had been up to recently. With a long list of shows he was a part of in London, Paris and Milan, the 21 year-old Aussie couldn’t wait to tell us about meeting Paul Smith, having gold hair, and how to pronounce Walter van Beirendonck’s name.

Sam shares with us some of his deepest darkest secrets, and also informs us that he lives in a converted chocolate factory. Could he get any cooler? This may have something to do with him trying to persuade us that the morning is the best time of day for eating chocolate. Guess we’ll have to try it for ourselves… #ChocolateForBreakfast

We ended up getting pretty philosophical towards the end of the chat and Sam explained why he has an obsession with eyes. Maybe it’s because his own are so damn enchanting?

Tell us, what you have been up to in the fashion world?
I’ve been in London for the last few months just hanging out here and experiencing the city for the first time. Fashion week’s just been, and then I got the chance to go over to Paris and then down to Milan, so that was really nice.

What shows were you doing?
I did Alexander McQueen, Lee Roach and Agi & Sam in London, and in Paris I did Walter van Beirendonck. That was in the Opera, so it was amazing. I loved going in there and seeing the inside of that place. They made all the boys' hair gold, so it went with all the paintings and chandeliers and everything, which was cool. Then Kenzo was in a circus training area, that was quite cool as well… and Paul Smith, that was a lot of fun. Paul Smith’s a crazy guy, really lovely.

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris.

What's the best thing about fashion weeks and all the shows?

It’s just really nice to see how it all comes together. Even though I’m only there for the last little bit of it, to see all the effort everyone puts into a production like that is special.

Tell us about your treasured items in your wardrobe, anything that is irreplaceable to you.
Aw, yea these pants! I’ve only had them two weeks, but I basically haven’t taken them off haha.

They are good pants.
Yea and I’ve also got my backpack which is quite special as well. It’s not the vegans choice backpack, it’s made out of leather and stingray.

Where do you get stingray backpacks from?
My friend makes them!

Isn’t that illegal?
Well, I duno, he insures me that it’s farmed stingray!

What is one thing you love and one thing you hate?
I love London, and I did hate Milan the first day I was there, but I slowly warmed up to the place.

Why did you hate it to begin with?
Aw it was so damn hot, it was like fifty degrees!

You’re from Australia!
Yea, but it was concrete haha.

Do you have any vices?
Umm, yea, chocolate. In the morning, it’s the best time.

You eat chocolate in the morning?
Yea, once I started eating it in the morning it was hard to eat it any other time.

What flavour chocolate?
Dark chocolate, I find it so much more intense in the morning, your taste buds are so much more sensitive.

Who would be your dream dinner party guests, dead or alive?
I’d say there would be Oscar Wilde, who would be quite entertaining. I’d like to see James Dean, he’d probably have his feet up at the end of the table. Umm.. and Audrey Hepburn, she’s just beautiful, and I’d love to be at dinner with Jagger.

Can you tell us a secret about yourself that no one knows?
It wouldn’t be a secret then!

(But he tells us anyway)
Umm.. I’ve actually got my bobcat licence.

A bobcat licence?! What does that mean?
A bobcat’s a heavy industrial machine.

So like, a full on like, construction site, type, thing?
Yea, exactly. So not many people know that. But I just really wanted to drive a bobcat! And yea, just pursued it. But it’s one of those things that you do once then that’s enough.

What to you is beautiful?
I think what’s beautiful about a person is the eyes. Theyare the most fascinating part of someone I think. There’s a whole thing called iridology, it’s the study of eyes. It’s something I really want to research a little bit more because they say you can learn so much about someone through their eyes. The circles in your eyes are like the circles in the bark of a tree. You can tell a lot about the tree’s life just by the rings in it. And yea, about life, I think, just travelling and meeting people,

If you were God for a day what would you do to change the world?
I’d try and eliminate some of the hatred and the prejudice.

Very beauty queen answer of you! And lastly, any last minute advice for us about life?
That’s kind of philosophical!

Yea, we’re getting very deep here.
Be happy! Don’t worry, be happy.

Try and live every moment as if it’s the last.

We love a bit of a deep talk. Thanks, Sam!

Words by Justine Hyde-Mobbs.

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