Stephen On Cars And Cats

6 March 2019

At just eighteen years old, Suffolk boy Stephen Smith, has an immensely impressive client list. The FM model was recently one of four boys who walked in the Burberry SS14 women's show. As well as this, Stephen has also walked for Kenzo, Matthew Miller and Margaret Howell. It's no surprise really, given his beautiful boyish looks and cute dimpled chin.

Arriving for his first ever editorial for Boys by Girls, we had a chat with Stephen as he got his hair and make-up done for a cool 90's inspired shoot "Another Day In Paradise", photographed by Editor-in-Chief Cecilie Harris. Read on to find out about Stephen's plans, passions and pimped out car.

Hey Stephen, are you looking forward to your Boys by Girls shoot today?
Hey! Yeah it should be pretty sweet.

Tell us about your modeling journey so far.
I was scouted when I was 15, and my modelling career started to kick off around January last year when I joined FM Models. I started to work with Burberry which was pretty nice. I come and spend a week in London every now and then, and work as much as I can.

Have you done much editorial work since you started?
Yeah, I’ve done Wonderland, Hunger and yesterday I shot something for Bullet, which was sweet. It wasn’t actually meant to be me though haha, some other guy just didn’t turn up.

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris.

What catwalk shows have you done?
In January I did Kenzo, Margaret Howell and Matthew Miller, and in June I did Burberry Worldwide Exclusive which was pretty sweet! And then a couple of weeks ago I did the Burberry women’s show which was fun as well.

Ah, we watched that and we were like “who is that guy?” walking with Haydn (who we featured recently). Look, you’re in our backstage Burberry Instagram picture.
Ah yeah, that’s me! And Callum, Jack and Haydn. We all went out for a drink afterwards, which was really nice.

Which other designers would you like to work with in the future?
Before I worked with them I would have said Burberry. That’s kinda all I could have hoped for really, but I’d like to work with some designers in Paris and Milan too.

I bet your mum is happy with you at the moment?
Yeah, she’s chuffed! I stole a magazine from the agency yesterday to give her the new issue of Hunger. She saw it in the shop and said it was too expensive haha. She doesn’t stick all my pictures round the house, thankfully. She sometimes posts them on Facebook though, and my sister’s a bit like that too.

Are you close to your family?
Yeah we’re pretty close. Me and my brother are close, we’re really similar. We go to gigs together and stuff, which is always pretty fun.

What do you get up to when you’re not modeling?
I was in school until June and now I’m just chilling out with friends that haven’t gone to uni. Quite a few of them have gone traveling too. So in the next month or so I’m gonna go traveling with friends too.

Where do you plan on going?
Well I’m kinda seeing where my friends are going, and also, it’s quite a weird one but some of my friends have got family in Israel so I might go there for a week, that might be a bit different. It’d be nice to get a bit of culture haha.

Where’s the best place you’ve been so far?
I went to Florence with work actually. I really enjoyed it there, it’s so pretty.

And have you got any plans after you’ve been travelling?
I’ve got plans to go to uni eventually. Maybe next year or the year after. I’m not entirely sure about what course I wanna do yet though. I did French, Geography and History at A-level, so I’m quite inclined to go to France for a bit and try and become fluent. I might study French, but I’m not too sure yet, we’ll see.

What are you passionate about?
Cars. Cars and cats. I wouldn’t mind a high spec Maserati. At the moment I’ve got an old Golf which I’m chuffed with though.

I bet it’s all pimped out haha!
Yeah it is a little bit haha! It’s lowered and it has different wheels. It’s not chavy though! No dark windows or LED lights. I’ll have to show you a picture because it sounds a lot worse than it is. It’s not distasteful, well I don’t think so anyway. I need to sort my speakers out though so I can play some nice chilled music.

What kind of music do you listen to?
Oh no, I hate that question! Recently I’ve been listening to the new Arctic Monkey’s. I like loads of stuff though. I listen to the Drive soundtrack a lot, it’s pretty sweet. And the film is good too, all the girls seem to like Ryan Gosling.

If you were an animal what would you be?
A cheetah because I’m a cat person and I’ve always thought they were the coolest. They run really fast and that. That’s such a “bring you back to your childhood” type of question!

And what’s been your proudest moment ever?
I dunno, I guess getting through school was quite decent. And learning to drive. When I passed my test I was so chuffed.

Can you tell us 3 random things about yourself?
I like cheetahs, I don’t have a party trick. Actually I need one of those before I go to uni...

That should be our mission today.
Yeah, we need to find me a party trick.

Ok we’re almost ready to start shooting now so can you give us some parting words for our lovely Boys by Girls readers?
Don’t eat yellow snow and just enjoy yourself.

Haha, good advice! Ok let's get this show on the road.

Words by Ama Samra.

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