Standing On The Right

14 July 2015

It’s the beginning of summer and everyone is in a chirpy mood, which means it’s the perfect kind of interview day. Morgan Cadell at Premier Model Management walked into our perfect kind of day, greeting us with a firm handshake and a smile. A New Zealand accent soon passed his lips, hanging onto each of his words. We get excited about finding out more of his story as he kneels down to tickle Tilly the office cat. She prances and dances around him and that’s when you know, it's a match made in heaven.

Morgan sinks comfortably into the couch and starts talking about all of his sporty talents and his love for his hometown, New Zealand. He joins the tea-drinking crew with his first cup of English tea (he felt posh), as we get deep talking about life goals and future ventures. We soon discover that Morgan is an easy going guy that prefers to live life with the term ‘go with the flow’: embracing his inner creativity with important questions such as ‘What would you name a sheep?’

Would you like to introduce yourself?
I’m Morgan Cadell from New Zealand, I’m 18. Carry on, any questions?

How did you get scouted?
I was eating bread in the mall.

You were eating bread? This is a first.
Yep, just sitting there eating a loaf of bread then my agent came up to me. That’s my story (laughs), that’s as interesting as it gets. I've been modelling for three years now.

Instant analogue by Cecilie Harris. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

Since you were 15?
Yeah, I didn’t do too much when I started, as I was still in school. I love it though! It’s a good way to meet people and travel, and it’s a cool line of work too.

Do you have any other interests besides modelling?
Well, you know boating? Fishing. Diving. I do wakeboarding, if you guys have heard of it over here, cause you don’t have too much water. I also have a motorbike as well, but that’s just every odd weekend. I was a competitive runner too for 4 years. It was long distance and I went down cross country season, it was hard work so I stopped it haha. 4 years of training, 6 days a week! And then I played Rugby and Soccer in my last year just socially with friends.

That’s a lot of sports!
Yeah, New Zealand is very active. I was in an all-boys school, so everyone was taking part in sports. I tried to learn guitar and then got told that I shouldn’t carry it on by my teacher. I wasn’t the best guitar player.

Tell us about New Zealand, what’s it like?
It’s a pretty relaxed place I guess. It’s pretty much just country side and water with sheep and cows.

What’s the weather like compared to England?
Well we’re getting into winter now, so I left at a good time. Our winter is literally miserable, it’s just rain and wind. We don’t get snow where I’m from anyway. Summer is really nice though, it’s usually like 30 degrees. Here, one minute it’s raining and the next it’s not. I guess camping is pretty hard!?

Do you ever camp out?
A little bit, just with friends and stuff. We’d get a tent and camp out somewhere. I could have played the guitar if I knew how. I could strum a few cords after a year of learning. I know D, I remember that one and A. Another 3 months and I can learn G. I did a little bit of art, but that wasn’t a talent either. It didn’t quite click.

Talk about your love for water.
It started when I was growing up, cause my dad grew up fishing and diving, that kind of thing. I guess traditions have passed on. I got my diving license 3 years ago.

Is New Zealand quieter than London?
100%. No, 200%! I like the buzz of a city and being amongst it.

What’s your ultimate goal in life?
My goal? Oh god, I’ve been asked this by my mum about 5 times and I still don’t know. It’s a hard question.

Your mum would like this magazine then! You can have a cup of tea and we’ll get back to that question.
I’m just sitting in the present at the moment and seeing where modelling takes me. Modelling can take you anywhere, so that’s why I don’t think about the future too much. My plan was to see how modelling goes and then when the time is right I’ll go to University and study something. My mum is trying to get what I want to study out of me, but I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure that out. My friends went straight into business, but I wouldn’t really want to do a course that I’m doing just because that’s what everyone else is doing.

I’m going to credit modelling. It’s a good way to meet new people and travel the world so you can find yourself and what your true passions are.
Yeah that was kind of my plan, haha. If my mum next asks, that’s what I’ll tell her. I’m living my life, finding myself and finding my purpose. I might text my mum right now before I forget!

Go for it, we can wait haha. What have you learnt from English people so far?
I still haven’t learnt the tube yet, but I’m getting the hang of it. I live on Bakerloo line, I know that. It’s nice!

What is it like growing up in New Zealand?
Boys in New Zealand only play Rugby pretty much and everyone grows up in the water, so they’ve adapted to that. We have our good guys and bad guys as you probably do out here. Everyone is pretty outdoorsy, as we have a lot of fields. I found out yesterday actually, as one of the guys asked me in the apartment, that we have 17 million sheep and 4 million people. We have a lot more sheep than people! Haha. There’s an interesting fact.

That’s like 4 sheep per person. What would you name a sheep?
Oooh, is it a guy sheep or a girl sheep? If it was a boys sheep I would call him Baxter. I thought about ‘baaa’ what they say and then it went into Baxter. My girl sheep can be… Shia. No, that’s a boy’s name. Can I take back Baxter? I’m going with Shia for a boy now, makes more sense. I’m taking this question more seriously than my future! I’m going to go with Charlotte the sheep.

Whilst we’re on animals…
I have 3 cats. I guess that’s why I bonded with Tilly so well, either that or I look like a fly. Did you know that a wolf has 32 teeth? There’s a fact I know about animals haha. I’ve been under water with dolphins, they were in the proximity. there’s a smart word for you! I jumped under water with a snorkel and stuff, like we dive for crayfish and scallops. I haven’t been on a dolphin's back like you see on TV, because if I did that they would just swim down and that’s pretty dangerous. These were wild dolphins. This isn’t a cartoon or sea world.

What would your cartoon be?
These are pretty intellectual questions haha. I would be a cartoon cow. That sounds like an insult to me actually, I’m taking that back. I’m a lion running around the jungle with my friend Cameron the Kangaroo. I was going to say cow again and then I thought to myself, where am I going with these cows!?

What bike have you got?
A dirt bike. I have a car as well. A BMW and I found out that most teenagers don’t grow up with cars here? I found out they charge you when you drive around London, that’s ridiculous! I go to the beach on my bike, a forest or a farm. I grew up with that as well, which was kind of like the traditions from my father.

New Zealand is very pretty.
Yeah it is, it has beautiful scenery. You don’t really go there for the night life or the shopping, you go for the outdoors and beaches. The lifestyle. It’s a chilled place and everyone is relaxed compared to here. In London everyone seems rushed. In the tube station people are pushing you and the one thing I have to stop doing is you know when you’re on the escalators at the tube station? I’m that one person that stands on the left. Oops. I’ve delayed the life of ten people, I feel bad now.

Any last words?
This is my one moment to be inspirational. I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment haha. Take the right journey and stand on the right of the escalator.

That’s a good one. Thank you Morgan!

Words by Vilija Kasiginaite.

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