Silent Answers

27 October 2016

When the pressures of growing up become too much, slowing down is your best friend. He listens for silent answers in the sand between his toes and the echo of the waves as they stretch across the shore. Sending life’s worries away with each caress of wind, he tastes the salt on the tip of his tongue; a reminder of where he belongs.

At 16 years old, Tate Morrison explores the secrets of time at Byron Bay as he climbs the infinite clay rocks that rest in their jagged clusters. Brisbane-based photographer Yaseera Moosa captures the essence of those perfect peaceful moments with muted lighting and gentle tones; capturing Tate as he stands harmoniously within the landscape, his curls flowing like the currents ahead. These moments with Tate radiate humility, as he stands relaxed and confident, yet unposed.The colours of the tide are within his eyes, and his gaze smiles back at you like an old friend.

Like the unpredictability of the ocean itself, the silhouettes are full of contradictions. Styled by Alana Richards, the clothing is strong yet tousled through gales; refined and minimalist but still gentle. Kat McAndrew crafts this modernity with her fresh-faced grooming. Traditional tailoring is reworked for maximum comfort using seamless edges and softer fabrics, such as wool and linen. Organic shades that borrow from the sky above and open stretched fields, encapsulate Tate’s evolution into the climate surrounding him. Answers served with each visit.

How did you first get into modelling?
A good friend of mine, Sabrina Major, sort of got me into it. We did a shoot together when I was 14 and it just went from there.

How do you find a balance between modelling and high school?
School takes priority over modelling for me; I rarely take time off to work. I find it a little odd singling somebody out because they have a certain look and presenting them to society as a role model.

What else would you be interested in doing?
I'm pretty interested in automotive design.

Oh wow that's so different from modelling.
I love the designs of the classic European roadsters. I think combining the long swoopy front ends and short rear ends with all the sharp, jagged shapes of modern cars would result in something really special.

How would you describe your personal style?Black, white and pointy.

Who do you look to for style inspiration?
Jordan Barrett. I stalk his Instagram way too much!

Above: Top by BURTON, Trousers by GRAMMAR LABEL

What song always puts you in a good mood?
'Under Cover of Darkness' by The Strokes.

What do you feel most passionate about?
Probably my cars. There’s so much about them that I love. I'm completely addicted to speed; the rush that comes with it really can't be matched. It makes me giggle every time, partly because I know I'm doing something bad that could end me in a lot of trouble and partly just because of the experience. Then there are all the noises and the feeing of control that comes with it. It's just something I love and it's something that cars are able to deliver for me. I also usually buy older cars and work on them myself - call me weird, but you find yourself giving them personalities and loving them. Not in a weird way or anything, just like a family member. I remember all my cars’ personalities haha.

What are you most excited about right now?
The idea of finishing high school and being able to travel makes me excited for the future.

Where do you most want to travel to and why?
Mainly around Asia and to places like Greenland and Canada. I'm already pretty well travelled and I found it changed my perspective on most aspects of life, that's something I'd like to experience more of.

Above: Shirt by MNG.

When you were travelling, was there anything that changed your perspective in a major way?
The locals slaughtering a pig in Fiji when I was 9 is definitely something that's stuck with me. It opened my eyes to a different way of life. The locals living traditionally in Borneo was something that's stuck with me as well.

What does love mean to you?
Trust and loyalty I guess. I’m pretty confused about it at the moment.

What’s confusing about it?
Girls, dude. I cannot get my head around girls.

Okay well, what do you think the best and worst thing about being a teenage boy in 2016 is?
Hmm, I've never experienced being a teenage girl so I can’t say for sure, but I love being a teenage boy in this era. It’s great that it’s becoming acceptable for boys to show emotion, it really brings us together. We're all super close, we've got each other's backs and I think if the 'culture' of now were different, that wouldn't be possible. I guess the worst thing is probably all the pressure the media puts on us to 'bulk up'. Sort of like the same thing with women and being real skinny, but the complete opposite and having a lot of muscle. Just the whole body image thing puts a lot of pressure on us and it isn't in the public eye as much as it is with women.

Above Left: Shirt by STAPLE SUPERIOR, Trousers by EDWIN, Shoes by TEVA.
Above Right: As before.

Words by Matthew Regan.

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