Sebastian and His Snus

25 February 2014

Sebastian Ahman at FM Models recently popped by the Boys by Girls office to have a chat with us about how he’s finding his feet in the world of modelling, and it seems he has been settling in quite nicely. Since his career kicked off just over a year ago he has already walked for several top designer brands, but manages to keep totally down to earth about it all.

Originally hailing from Sweden we talk to the 21 year old about the things he misses back home and some of his other talents outside the crazy world of fashion. He also brings us up to date on unique Swedish customs like snus (don't try it, it's gross) and his love for music.

How did your modelling career start?
I was on the tube just going out to buy groceries, it was like the day before I turned 20. A model agency in Stockholm approached me and was like "are you a model, have you done any modelling before?". You know, the usual stuff, and then he gave me his card. I thought it was really funny and told my mum about it, but I didn’t really think any thing of it.

Did she make you contact the agency?
It was my dad actually who went and set up a meeting without me knowing. So yeah, I guess I just got caught up in it without really trying to.

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris with special thanks to The Impossible Project.

How do you find this crazy world called fashion?
Erm… (very long pause) I don’t know …it's cool, you can go to any city or town in the world and meet new people, but then there’s all the waiting around, so there’s good and bad in it.

What is the best thing you have done so far in the industry?
I really liked doing the Paul Smith show at Paris Fashion Week this year; everyone was super relaxed. It was really calm compared to other shows I walked in. Also at the end we got given beers instead of champagne.

Who else have you walked for?
This year I have also walked for Lanvin, Comme des Garcons, Raf Simmons and Marc Jacobs. I also did the Balenciaga men’s lookbook.

Outside of your modelling, what do you do?
I’m really into music at the moment, a couple of days ago I enrolled in a music class online. I like playing music, but travelling around all the time with work you can’t really bring instruments with you so I’m trying to learn online.

What instruments do you play then?
I play bass and guitar.

Cool, are you in a band?
Yeah, I have a band with some friends. Our inspiration at the moment is the Rolling Stones.

What is your favourite song at the moment?
Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes.

How would your friends describe you?
Care-free? I don’t know if that’s true though! And maybe cynical. I always expect the worst, so I am always pleasantly surprised. I always talk myself down; I don’t ever tell people that I am model. Like, if it comes up in conversation organically, that’s fine, but I would never bring it up myself. I think it’s a Swedish thing; we don’t like to brag, even if we have done well at something.

That’s very modest of you. Us Scandinavians are often cursed by "Janteloven" aren't we? (Google it people)
I know right?! haha

What was it like growing up in Sweden?
As a white middle class kid growing up in inner Stockholm it wasn’t too hard, it was actually alright!

What do you miss the most about home when you're travelling?
I miss Snus, first and foremost. Snus is a tobacco we have back in Sweden. I try to take a supply with me when I’m away, but I’m out right now, that’s why I have to chew chewing gum instead.

Any final words to our readers? They like advise.
Stay in school, don’t do drugs?!

Thanks for the life advice Sebastian, it was lovely to get to know you a little better.

Words by Cleo Glover.

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