Suave Like Sauve

29 January 2012

We have a real treat for you this week as the wonderful Sebastian Sauve (Premier) has been a super busy bee not only being fabulous at Milan and Paris AW12 Fashion Weeks, but also capturing so many fantastic behind the scenes footage from his time in it!

Sebastian has been sharing a unique behind the scenes perspective available to fashion people around the world on his website Suave Like Sauve. Nobody is closer to the fashion week action, the hottest designers, and all the model extravaganza than the boys in the shows - and Sebastian has been seen on countless catwalks this season, including Givenchy, Emporio Arman, Calvin Klein, Frankie Morello, Vivienne Westwood and Trussardi. We know Sebastian is a good storyteller, which he also showcases in his unique behind the scenes captures.

Featuring a few other familiar faces including the likes of Francisco Lachowski, Dudley O'Shaughnessy, Jamie Wise, River Vipery and even Vivienne Westwood to name a few, we are so excited to see Fashion Week from the persective of a model, something you don't usually get to see!

Sebastian has truely captured the excitement and buzz of behind the scenes during Fashion Week season: the hair, makeup, travelling, designers, crowds, photographers, castings and shows. Scroll through the images below and enjoy!

Enjoying the City:

The casting queues, and we spot Mr O'Shea Robertson, Matthew Bell & Joe Sanders.

The image below shows some behind the scenes from the making of fashion film "Taste.IT / The Boys of Milan Fashion Week" directed by Luca Finotti featuring some of the coolest boys from this season's Milan FW show & castings. You can see the final film in our covereage of Milan Fashion Week. Also....Jamie Wise living up to his name.....

Do we spot a Dudley behind that book?

Getting groomed for the show!

All this modeling takes it out on Sebastian, time for a little nap!

Sebastian with Vivienne Westwood, Francisco Lachowski as we've never seen him before and model cards on the wall in the agency:

It's go go go!

Looks like Sebastian had a busy yet fabulous Fashion Season and we are eternally grateful to him for these awesome images.

Sebastian Sauve_MS121
Sebastian Sauve_MS13
Sebastian Sauve_MS14
Sebastian Sauve_MS15
Sebastian Sauve_MS16
Sebastian Sauve_MS18
Sebastian Sauve_MS17
Sebastian Sauve_MS19
Sebastian Sauve_MS20
Sebastian Sauve_MS21
Sebastian Sauve_MS22
Sebastian Sauve_MS23
Sebastian Sauve_MS24
Sebastian Sauve_MS25
Sebastian Sauve_MS26
Sebastian Sauve_MS27
Sebastian Sauve_MS28
Sebastian Sauve_MS29
Sebastian Sauve_MS30
Sebastian Sauve_MS311
Sebastian Sauve_MS32
Sebastian Sauve_MS33
Sebastian Sauve_MS34
Sebastian Sauve_MS35
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