Sam about shooting for Boys by Girls

13 March 2012

It's been way to long since we've had a chance to catch up with one of our fave Select boys Sam Lawson. So we thought we'd have another chat with with him, to reminisce about Cecilie Harris' shoot with him for our book "Closer". We talk to him about what it was like to shoot in such personal surroundings and what he felt like being part of the book.

The book is still available to buy in hard copy here for those who didn't have a chance to get their copies yet. You can also check out a preview of Sam's story "My Generation, Baby" here.

Tell us about your day shooting with Cecilie for Boys by Girls book "Closer"?
Working with Cecilie was a right laugh, I've already told her I'm going to marry her by the time I'm 21!

You spent the day at home and at your local boxing club. How did you find being photographed in areas so personal to you, rather than on location or in the studio?
Working at home and places that I grew up in like my park and boxing club, makes shooting a whole lot more special to me. It kind of makes you feel you're in control a little more you know? It's your home, your life. It makes you feel like working means a lot more. There's no made up story or whatever, it's your life, and people get to see what the real you is like. I like that.

Did you enjoy combining boxing and modelling, two industries that are usually separate for you?
I loved it. I think mixing the two together just make the job that much more fun! You're doing your thing you know? If I was asked to do a shoot about dancing, I'd probably come unstuck!

We've heard you make a mean cup of tea, what's your secret?
Rohypnol. Don't tell Cecilie that though shhh. It didnt quite work.

What's it like being so awesome?
It's like a gift. It's like I can't control it. ha! Nah, when I actually AM awsome, I'll let you know. Untill then I'll ask you guys the same question!

In "Closer" you talk about your love for Oasis. Reveal your Oasis Top 5 for us?
YES! What a question! Right it has to beeee.....

  1. Live Forever !!!!
  2. Slide Away
  3. Hello
  4. Acquiesce
  5. Don't Look Back In Anger

That's right. No Wonderwall. Don't worry, it's in my top 10!

Tell us more about why the N1 area is "the best place in the world"?
N1 is the best place to live because it is full of cockney Herberts. Everyone's chipper!

Thanks Sam, it won't be long till we'll want to catch up with you and your awesomeness again!

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