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30 April 2013

We can't get enough of Roman Kemp at FM Models! After our first editorial with him we were excited to see him again for a catch up and get some exclusive portraits courtesy of BBG photographer Cecilie Harris. We love to bring you up to date exclusives from our boys, and busy bee Roman had a lot to talk to us about.

Roman just starred in his first feature film titled "The Fall of The Essex Boys", which he reveals a bit more about in the interview below. He also talks about what he would do if he was to create a film, and gives us an insight into his modelling journey. Drawing some nice parallells between modelling and acting, and how he uses each to the benefit of the other, these are all good reasons to check out the interview below.

We could chat with Roman all day, and let us be taken away by his charm, ambitious attitude and entertaining stories. There is simply something about Roman.

Tell us a little bit about your modelling and what you have done?
My modelling career started out about a year ago. I just fell into it because I have a family of photographers I guess, and they kind of convinced me to get into modelling. After that everything kind of happened a bit quickly, ended up getting some good jobs I never really thought I would have got and just kept on going really. I have always tried to bring it in with my acting because I think it actually held so much doing modelling and acting at the same time. At the end of the day you're always trying to build a character so its been a great chance for me to make a living.

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris.

You have just been in your first feature film. Tell us more!
Yes! I just starred in my first feature film called "The Fall of The Essex Boys". It reached the number six position in the nation wide DVD chart, which we were very pleased about and I had a nice speaking role. I played a kid called Pete, and I basically ended up giving a bad ecstasy pill to my girlfriend, she then dies and I have to get interrogated by the police. Anyway I'm not going to tell you the whole story, you can go and buy the DVD haha! It was really good fun and normally I've done TV stuff, so this being a film has been challenging with a little more added pressure.

What is it you enjoy about being an actor?
It's kind of difficult when I think about what I enjoy about being an actor, because I've always grown up knowing that's what I wanted to do. I guess growing up in a family where it's all media based, you kind of follow your parents position because if my dad is an actor, it seems attainable for me to have a similar sort of career as my parents. It's always been something I have been attracted to.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
My hopes and dreams for the future are to be in a good financial situation and just to be happy. I just want to be doing a job I love and be comfortable.

What makes you happy?
I think being relaxed makes me happy. Sitting at home knowing I have done a good job in what ever it is that I'm doing. Just feeling content with myself because I feel like a lot of people try and beat themselves up a bit too much about what they can be doing and what they're not doing and not really looking back and seeing what they have done. So I think I would like to be in a position where I can look back and say "yeah! I've done a good job". Then I can just relax and enjoy that moment.

How do you think acting and modelling compliment each other?
They both compliment each other very well, because in both worlds you are playing a character. In one shoot you could be doing some of the craziest poses in the world and then the next you could be really natural and its similar with acting. It's all about playing different characters and also being relaxed in front of the camera. It's great experience as you are constantly being put on the spot to create a whole new world within either a photo or a video.

So in the role that you played as Pete, is that a role you were drawing from own experiences or did you make it up as you went along?
The film is essentially set in 1992 so I've got a very boy band haircut with very baggy clothes, but at the end of the day you're still playing a regular kid, so I guess it was more of a natural role, having a girlfriend and partying. Obviously not everyone ends up killing their girlfriend, but you can draw from your own experiences.

What did you enjoy most about this film?
It was just the fact that it was my first feature film which I'm always going to remember. Even later down my career it's always going to come up as the first feature film I ever did. I think just the adrenalin that everything kind of went so quickly, and it's something I can look back on in years to come and show everyone that's where I started out. Even though it was a small speaking part, I am pleased and I am proud of it.

If you could create any film yourself, what type of film would it be?
It would probably be a period based film set in 1920's America. I love all of that and is something that has so much colour, and even the way they speak is incredible. I would love to tell the story of someone with a lot of character and see them as a person throughout the film.

Thanks Roman, It was good to catch up!

Polaroid_Roman Kemp
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