I'm Going to Miss You

28 June 2021

Citric skies simmer in the Summer haze, as legends of eros are woven with romance and wanderlust. Footprints fade where memories lay bare, like bronzing bodies lounging on these sandy shores; soaking with sweat, sunscreen, and the sugar spritz of the seaside mist. When the hounding heat becomes too hot to handle, take a dive into the eye of the ocean abyss, as artist Rob Tennent defines the tales of these timeless tides in a "love letter to the classic kiwi Summer".

For his sophomore publication, a photo book dedicated to the boys of summer, Rob explores the endless expanse of the New Zealand coast, delving beyond the bullish and boisterous, tuning into the fragile frequencies of the tender male melody.

In this exclusive series, photographer Nicole Brannen turns the camera on Rob, the man behind the upcoming book. Taking a break from his artistic adventure, he commands the copious coastline like a waterfront warrior, bolstered on his battleground. You'll also see Rob sharing some succulent snaps straight from the shoreside. His conquest is one of beauty in brotherhood; unearthing the bridges and bonds between boys, finding friendship at a time when the world is wounded and woeful.

Telling the story of how his photo book came to be, what started for Rob as a simple vision sat on the sand - armed with camera and company - transcended into an ode to the gentle side of the modern man and a mutual love of the big blue.

Listen as the waves caress the cratering coves, stroking supple skin as the water rescinds in its eternal concession. The air is tight with the taste of temptation, as mouths salivate over scents of fragrant fruits, on these sweet Summer days, ripe with flavour and possibility. Yet the seasons change and nostalgia remains, as time is undone by the moon and the sun, drunk with delight on these lust-fuelled nights; what one would pay for one last day. Oh Summer, 'I’m Going to Miss You'.

Rob's beautiful new photobook, I'm Going to Miss You, is available to purchase here.

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