Polarised Minds

25 February 2019

Even on the brightest of all days, the shadows of saddened solitude may cease to scatter at the sight of sunlight.

Though reckoning winds tell tales of trepid tribulations, solace whispers like rivers running briskly beside, meandering with magniloquence between the cracks and crevasses of a broken past. Bathed eyes are rinsed as visual clarity is drained, refracting glimmers of light from the path ahead. Shot in a stance of regimented disarray, photographer Chieska Fortune Smith captures model Luke Robson enveloped in a preraphaelite-like disposition. The cotton fields above quiver gently in the winter air as the days become nights and the nights become days; dawning the birth of brand new and uncharted beginnings.

As silence runs avid amongst dancing leaves, seas of surrounding trees apprehend the thoughts of all those trailing between. Melancholy, like drunk wildfire, burns mercilessly on the embers of festering cynicism echoing from within. Though sutured smiles may unravel, stems of salvation will again blossom from the scorched earth and replenish hope in the future to come.

Where dreams of love and lust yield welcomed comfort on the coldest of winter nights, nightmares of desolate isolation may loom sullenly in the distance. Likewise, even on the direst of days, the shelter of serenity maybe waiting nearby. Deliverance, however, does not befall those who dream, rather only those who awaken. Styled by David Nolan, the contrasting colours and variance in layers convey the paradoxical nature of human emotion; fluctuating with unpredictability, assembled with inimitable complexity, yet as normal as the changing weather. Just as hope was once lost, the skies were once black, but not forever.


Above Left: Luke wears Coat by CROMBIE, Shirt by SANDRO, Bow-tie by BUDD, Trousers by LEVIS and Shoes by DR MARTENS


Above Left: Luke wears Full outfit by SAINT LAURENT by Anthony Vaccarello
Above Right: Same as before


Above: Luke wears Shirt by TURNBULL & ASSER and Waist-coat by CHRIS RUOCCO


Above Left: Luke wears Shirt by BUDD, Braces by ALBERT THURSTON and Trousers by CHRIS RUOCCO
Above Right: Shirt by MYAR and Trousers by AMI


Above Left: Luke wears Shirt by TIGER OF SWEDEN and Trousers by ACNE.
Above Right: Shirt by MYAR


Above Left: Luke wears Coat, Shirt, Tie and trousers by MARGARET HOWELL
Above Right: Same as before


Above Left: Suit and Shirt by LANVIN
Above Right: Same as before

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