Online Reflections

22 April 2019

Photographer Kat Slootsky
Stylist Olivia Perdoch
Words David Gillespie
Grooming Laila Hayani for Exclusive Artists using Harry’s
Photo Assistant MACIAGIEWICZ
Model Augustus Post at State Management

Pause, look closely. Can you see it, staring sombrely beyond the weeping window pane, delving deep into the statured social sphere orbiting within your mind? Autonomy is a matter of principle, dictating which of the shackled standards one abides or defies. Only a few oppose the wrath of the chthonic current propelling the captivating cruise of conformity. Like hail, the endless efflux of expectations that lashes upon generation Z seems perennial. In a world plagued by the sullen side of the social media swarm, photographer Kat Slootsky exposes the semantic sentiment of simplicity.

Insecurities bloom in the spring of societal shifts. In the face of fear, many submit to the merciless menace of the mass media madness. In canon, they capitulate, pirouetting ponderously to the belittling beat played by those propped up upon a platinum pedestal. Feeble and fatigued, frightful and frail, anxieties’ anguish takes hold of those engaged in popularities procession. Times are elusive, dealing from the decks of doubt among those on a personal pilgrimage to validation. Though, the end is not destined for futility. The flare of defiance burns brighter than the conflagration of compliance.

Like the fearless flames firing light on the path of self-government, stylist Olivia Perdoch embodies model Augustus Post at State Management in shades of the Sicilian sun: yellow with hope, red with conviction, white with wonderment. Social standards sink singularity, expectations extinguish empowerment. Only objection can ordain originality.


Above Left: Shirt and Jacket by CARTER YOUNG
Above Right: T-Shirt by CARTER YOUNG, Trousers by CALVIN LUO and Boots by TO BOOT


Above Left: Same as before
Above Right: T-Shirt KYLE'LYK and Trousers by CARTER YOUNG


Above Left: Shirt by KYLE’LYK, Trousers and Jacket by CARTER YOUNG
Above Right: Shirt and Hat by CARTER YOUNG


Above Left: Shirt by CARTER YOUNG, Shorts by KYLE'LYK, socks by STANCE and boots by GUCCI
Above Right: Shirt by KYLE’LYK, Trousers by CARTER YOUNG and boots by CALVIN LUO


Above Left: Jumpsuit by CALVIN LUO
Above Right: Shirt, Trousers and Boots by CALVIN LUO and Jacket by CARTER YOUNG


Above Left: Jumpsuit and boots by CALVIN LUO
Above Right: Shirt by CARTER YOUNG, Jacket and Trousers by CALVIN LUO, Socks by STANCE and Boots by GUCCI


Above Left: Shirt by CARTER YOUNG and Jacket and Trousers by CALVIN LUO
Above Right: Same as before


Above Left: T-Shirt by KYLE'LYK, Trousers by CARTER YOUNG, Socks by STANCE AND boots by GUCCI
Above Right: Same as before

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