Nicolas, Caps And Argentina

5 January 2016

Some boys are just naturally charming, and it's hard to explain what it is. They just immediately makes that impact and put you in a great mood. Nicolas is one of those boys.

Scouted at the age of 15, Nicolas at IMG Models is every bit as ambitious as we could have pre-conceded. Now at the comfortable age of 18 he is astute and creative, his eyes focused on the path he is carving for himself. With a long list of accomplishments overlapping, and studiously placed under his belt, Nicolas is both infectiously charming and unbeknowingly grounded.

From walking for Fendi, and juggling 40 jobs in a megre one month in Milan, this Argentinian boy knows the truths of hard craft, and how all the small ventures he takes contribute to his brand. With the possibility of being an actor next in the line of his accomplishments, there is an ocean of possibilities still ahead of this boy. Delve into the world of Nicolas for a little. Feel free to spoil yourself with a nice cup of tea whilst reader, cause why not.

I’m intrigued; your pictures have this mature look about them and yet you look quite young, how old are you?
I’m 18. Yeah I have a kind of youthful face, but in photographs I seem to look older. Who plays the piano?

Cecilie plays… Do you play?
Well, yeah actually I bought a piano in Milan, but I couldn’t learn.

You bought a piano, but didn’t know how to play? That’s ambitious. What kind of music do you like?
I like rock. Argentinean rock!

Instant Analogue by Liz Ord and Molly Baker. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

Which brands have you worked with so far?
Some really big companies. I did Benetton. Last season, I worked around 40 jobs in Milan. It was my first experience in Europe; it went pretty well.

What are you passionate about?
In Argentina I play football, listen to music, or I try to build my brand.

What is your brand?
I started it with my best friend, we make caps. And now we’re trying to move on to clothing.

So is fashion a big interest of yours?
Yeah, and modeling goes hand in hand with that. In Argentina I am becoming quite well knows, so that works out great for my brand as well. Also, looking to the future I would love to be an actor.

How did you find the Fendi show you did?
It’s hard to remember everything I’ve done. Before fashion week it was really good for me, because it was my first trip to Europe and I did around 40 jobs. So in my head I was thinking that if I had done 40 before fashion week, then maybe it would go really well. In the end I booked a couple of shows in Milan, haha.

Out of all the places you’ve been, which has been your favourite?
I mean, I love Argentina, I really love it. But London is amazing, you can do everything here. And when I was in Milan I thought it was okay, but it’s not good, honestly.

In your perfect weekend, what would you get up to?
Hmm I think on a Sunday, I would love to just relax and watch my favourite Argentinean show.

How did you get scouted?
It was when I was 15. My uncle has a friend who is a photographer in Argentina, which is really cool, and one day I was with him and she took some pictures, and then she sent me a list of some small agencies in Argentina. Then another photographer messaged me on Facebook and asked to take my picture, saying that she thought I could do well with a bigger agency that works internationally. So I said yes.

Did it ever get in the way of school?
Yes, it did get in the way of school, and also I used to be so dedicated to football, so I was worried about the impact modeling might have. Footballing was my dream, but now it has changed.

That’s okay, modeling is still cool.
Yes of course, and this way I get to travel all over the place.

Interview by Liz Ord and Molly Rose Baker.
Words by Sophie Mayanne.

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