The Boys of Metro Manila

1 November 2021

Photography Regine David
Words Sophia Razvi
Featuring Bj Pascual, Lance Navasca, Bruce Venida
Special Thanks to Koji Arboleda

The boys of metro Manila rise above the fog that still coats photographer Regine David's home country. At the time of the photoshoot, the Philippines is still under lockdown. Yet for our BBG x MPB competition winner, the story that must be told now is the tiny bubbles of safety that exist in the spaces between the bleakness. These are spaces that the average eye may glance over if they look too quickly. Yet those in search of magic will scour such spaces like a fine-toothed comb, pockets of gold discovered in a moment otherwise shrouded by grey matter.

For Regine, the search for these moments is second nature. She is an artist on the everlasting hunt for beauty. In the company of BJ Pascual, Lance, and Bruce – a photographer, a model and an artist – we are taken to the pockets of freedom that the powers that be have tried to suppress. Regine believes “there is enough documentation of the bleakness we are experiencing.” So, she turns her creative energy to this intimate hybrid fashion documentary.

Where restriction of movement, inaccessible healthcare and political misinformation attempt to dominate the narrative of Filipino routine, behind closed doors life quietly goes on. Humans make discoveries, and find new magic safely, under the soft light of privacy. Freedom exists even when the world around you isn’t so free. They say home is where the heart is; and it’s here that safety can be found, too.

Regine used the Ricoh GR III Camera from MPB in this series.

Regine David Bruce 14
Regine David Lance 3
Regine David BJ 10

Above Left: Lance wears vintage shirt
Above Right: BJ wears hoodie by Proudrace, shorts by COS, jewelry by Nami, Suki & Luna by Drake Dustin and sandals by Hermes

Regine David Lance 1

Above: Lance wears vintage sari sari knit top

Regine David BJ 3

Above: BJ wears vintage knit button-down and trousers by Carl Jan Cruz

Regine David Bruce 18

Above: Bruce wears outfit by Eairth

Regine David Bruce 6
Regine David BJ 6

Above Left: Bruce wears top by Vivien Ramsay and jewelry by the T'boli tribein Lake Sebu
Above Right: BJ wears jumper from Chickee's Vintage, trousers by Carhartt WIP and earrings by Luna by Drake Dustin

Regine David Lance 4

Above: Lance wears top by Toqa

Regine David Bruce 3
Regine David Bruce 2

Above: Bruce wears outfit by Eairth

Regine David BJ 9
Regine David Bruce 10

Above Left: Outfit as before
Above Right: Bruce wears outfit by Eairth

Regine David Bruce 17
Regine David BJ 4

Above: BJ wears jacket by Chanel, earring by Luna by Drake Dustin and pearl bracelet by Pagmaya

Regine David Bruce 15

Above: Outfit as before

Regine David BJ 2
Regine David Lance 2

Above Left: BJ wears vintage knit button down
Above Right: Lance wears hat by UNIQLO, vintage sari sari knit top and jeans by GAP

Regine David Lance 6
Regine David BJ 1
Regine David Bruce 5

Above: Bruce wears top by Vivien Ramsay

Regine David BJ 7
Regine David Lance 5
Regine David Bruce 8
Regine David Bruce 9
Regine David Bruce 16
Regine David Lance 10
Regine David Bruce 13
Regine David Bruce 4 v2
Regine David Lance 9 V2
Regine David BJ 8

Above: BJ wears Parihava top by Carl Jan Cruz

Regine David Lance 8

Above: Lance wears top by LINDER

Regine David Bruce 1
Regine David Lance 7
Regine David Bruce 12 v2
Regine David Bruce 7
Regine David BJ 5
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