Michael K On Modelling And Music

3 July 2012

After recently shooting a couple of features with Michael Knowles at FM, we catch up with him for a little chat, to see how his modelling is going. He also talks to us about his band. Exciting stuff!

You saw Michael in last week's editorial "The Michael Effect" alongside fellow Michael.... Michael Morgan (D1). All geeked up and looking colourful and fabulous, this is one not to miss if you didn't get a chance to view it yet.

We earlier featured Michael's story that he wrote for us to share, so if you haven't already you can catch up on that one too here.

I'm gonna freestyle this one. So… Michael K, do you play any instruments?
I do yeah, I play air guitar in a band.

BBG Team cracks up. (To clarify he plays the guitar, but wanted to entertain us from a joke we did during his shoot). Haha amazing. Are you any good?
I'd like to think so yes.

What's your band called?
It's called Ermine Furs.

Have you got a website?
Yes you can check out some Ermine Furs sounds here. We play indie type music, quite soft stuff. (BBG: It's really nice. We've heard it).

What does Ermine Furs mean?
It's from a lyric In Velvet Underground's "Venus In Furs", which is one of our influences in general.

Do you ever do live performances?
Yeah. We played The Lexington a couple of week ago. We try to get as many gigs as we can to get our music out there. I really enjoy it.

How did you start learning the guitar?
My brother started playing the guitar, so I took it off him and started playing it and he stopped. I taught myself how to play.

Where's your accent from?
It's from London.

Oh... it sounds like you've got something else in it too.
Yes, my mum is from South Africa and has a strong South African accent, so that might be it. I have never lived out there, but been out there and going back to Cape Town during the summer holidays.

How did you get into modelling?
I got scouted on Oxford Street, and hadn't really considered it before. So I was a bit apprehensive and didn't really want to go along. But my mum encouraged me, and I'm very grateful for that cause I really enjoy it.

Would would you like to do in the future when you're not at school or modelling any more?
I'm interested in journalism, that would be really cool to do.

Well you can always learn it from me during this "amazing" interview.

Where would you like to shoot if you could shoot anywhere?
My favorite city is Paris, so I'd love to do a shoot there. And I'd get to practice my French. I'd love to live there at some point when I'm older.

Nice. Did you learn French at school?
Yes, I'm still learning it. And Spanish as well. Both A Level.

What is your first memory of?
My first memory is when my brother was being born. I remember going to the hospital, and I remember trying to look over the counter. My mother had bought me a teddybear, which I thought my brother had given to me. So I remember a massive Winnie The Pooh teddybear waiting for me.

If you could have one wish, what would you wish for?
More wishes.

How would you describe yourself as a 5 year old?
I'm not sure. Probably a little bit of a trouble maker. Probably did some screaming and crying. Although I can't remember being 5 much.

Thanks Michael for stopping by!

Interview by Sophie Di Martino
Images by Cecilie Harris

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