Merlin & His Magical Healing Powers

1 October 2013

The beautiful Merlin Watts at Supa Model Management stopped by our BBG headquarters for a quick chat recently. We spoke to him about surfing, Burberry and becoming a doctor. Although he has only been modeling a few months this boy has managed to walk for some of the most prestigious fashion houses already, including Prada, Burberry and Cavalli. Merlin is taking the industry by storm, but he tells us he’s still most comfortable with a surfboard under his arm instead of strutting down a catwalk.

Featuring images by photographer Sam Copeland for the first time on Boys by Girls, she showcases Merlin's strong presence in these stunning black and white portraits. Merlin is not just a pretty face - currently studying medicine up in Manchester, he tells us why he thinks being a surgeon would be a barrel of laughs, and why life is just better when you are on a beach in the sunshine with your friends. We have to say his free and easy lifestyle does sound rather dreamy. Trip down to Cornwall anyone?

Hi Merlin, can you tell us about your model journey so far.
It started a few months ago really when I was walking up at uni in Manchester. I was scouted by Boss who are my mother agency. From there I went to Milan and did my first season, and ended up walking Burberry exclusive back in London, then back to Milan to do Prada and Cavalli, so a pretty good start.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Three words... not very many words. Fun.

You can go over if you need?
Enjoyable. Ambitious.

Yeah enjoyable to be around... hang on I’ll think of a replacement. What's a good one? Pretty relaxed, really laid back.

So you are studying to be a doctor, what made you want to do that?
Just a few years ago when I was back in school, I thought it would be a fun thing to do. I looked into it and I really enjoy it.

What kind of doctor would you want to be?
At the moment I would have to say surgeon, but I’m not sure yet.

Why do you reckon you want to be a surgeon?
Because it’s more of a bish bash bosh, done.

Oh my, we are never letting you operate on us... bish bash bosh and your done. Other than modeling and doctoring what else are you passionate about?
Surfing. I’ve lived on the beach most of my life. Surfing, sailing and stuff like that, and also skiing in the winter.

What is your favorite thing about Cornwall?
It’s definitely the surfing and the sun.

I heard they had basking sharks in Cornwall?
Yeah now and then, but they’re pretty gentle really. They are huge and awesome to see, but there is always loads of dolphins around as well, so it’s not that bad.

As your name is Merlin, if you were actually a wizard, what would your first magical act be?
Wow. Being able to fly would be pretty cool wouldn’t it. I would fly to somewhere thats hot all the time. Hot and chilled out, maybe Indonesia or somewhere. On my year off from uni I went to India for a few months. It’s chaos. I was mostly in the south, because I was doing most of volunteering in a hospital. And then went and chilled out for a bit.

Wow. That must of been...
An eye opener. It was a bit horrific, but I did enjoy it. It was a good thing for me to do.

What in life makes you truly happy?
Friends. You know the usual stuff, relaxing with people. Have barbecues on the beach. Whenever it’s sunny life is just good isn’t it!

And finally if you could give us some life advise, what would it be?
Don’t take it too seriously. Oh I don’t know, I’m still quite young so not in a good place to give advice.

We think your advice is golden Merlin, maybe you could teach the BBG team how to surf sometime.

Photography by Sam Copeland.
Words by Annie Ounstead.

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