Max The Essex Rascal

20 May 2014

If you have been a recent visitor on our site or already got yourself a copy of our recent print issue, you would have seen the charismatic Max Rendell’s (Supa Model Management) editorial “Summer Rain”. It was a rainy day in his hometown Essex when Max took us on an adventure to explore the windmills, as well as filling us with some home cooked goodness made by his mum.

After our editorial shoot with Max, we sat down for a revealing chat about his passions, his love of dressing up, acting like a “rascal” as a kid, as well as his future aspirations. Max is intrigued by the mind, and has exciting plans for what he wants to do in the future. But don’t be fooled by the now perfectly behaved Essex boy, he tells stories of being an angel in his school days, but how he grew devil horns as soon as the bell rang turning into a little monster at home. Read below as we share our chat with him.

To see the full editorial and interview make sure to get a copy of issue 6 "The Truth About Boys".

Image by Cecilie Harris.

Tell us a little bit more about you.
My name is Max Rendell, I’m from Essex and my agency is Supa Model Management.

This issue is all about truth, tell me who Max is.
Well I’m an Essex Boy! But not true Essex; not like fake tan and stuff, I’m quite realistic. But yeah, I’m a model. I’ve been modelling for two years. I’m starting study, I’ve got a brain in me too (laughs). But yeah, that’s me.
What were you like as a kid, and how does that compare to who you are now?
I think I was an angel, but I’m sure my parents would differ. I was quite a good kid at school, but when it came to home time I was a little rascal haha
Were you the teacher’s pet?
Yeah, I was always sucking up to my teachers! It’s because I knew they were going to get me somewhere. But then I would turn into a little rascal when I was home. As soon as the bell rang at quarter past three I was back at home and the halo changed to devil horns.
How do you think your mum would describe you?
If she was talking to other people, I’m sure she’d class me as lovely and intelligent and good looking! But if she was talking to me, well I don’t want to swear, but she’d say that I was a pain in the..
Yeah, perfect haha. But I treat her with respect, so I hope she treats me with respect.
Would you say you are spoiled?
I think it’s just the way I was bought up. For example, dinner was always on the table when I walked in, so I sort of imagined that was reality and assumed it would be the same when I got older, but obviously I have to fend for myself now. My mum still asks me to hoover the living room or cook dinner or what not, so although I'm lucky it's good to be spoiled in a good way. It's a priviledge.
What are you passionate about?
This industry, for a start. I never thought I would get into this, but here I am. I’m passionate about it and I care about the way I look and the way I talk to people, and stuff like that. I’m passionate about my studies as well; I want to become a counsellor, so I’m quite passionate about that.
What makes you want to be a counsellor?
The mind really intrigues me, but I also think it’s quite beneficial. I mean it’s not a job where there’s necessarily a lot of money involved, but it’s something that is beneficial in an emotional way, instead of financially. You’re really helping people in tough situations.
It’s a very selfless thing to do, especially compared to the fashion industry, which can be very selfish.
It’s really two ends of the scale, and that’s partly why I want to do it more than ever. I feel that this industry is quite selfish. I’m not mocking it in anyway, but I think it's a totally different end of the scale that I'd really like to go into afterwards - but I don't know how long this is going to last yet.
What do you think fashion has taught you that you could take with you into counselling?
It helps because I've talked to a wide variety of people, from different cultures, different nationalities and people who are older, younger. Everyone is different in this industry; it's really diverse.
Tell me three truths about Max.
1) I hate travelling. I'm really in the wrong industry aren't I? haha I don't like being away from my home and family, I don't like being away from my girlfriend. A week here and there is fine, anything longer than two or three weeks and I'm a bit of a panicker.
2) I'm a real worrywart. It's actually what my agent called me when I first started, so I literally worry about everything - even when I'm sent a casting I ask 20 questions. If I'm set a shoot then it's 20 more questions. If it's a flight, then I need to be there like 4 hours before!
3) I don't really tell a lot of truths (laughs), I'm just kidding.
Would you say you are an open or a closed book?
It really depends who I'm with. To new people I'm very you see what you see and that's it, so in that way I'm quite an open book. I'm also quite an emotional person, I'd happily cry myself to sleep if need be.
What did you want to be when you were younger?
When I was a little boy, I wanted to follow my father's footsteps of course. Well at a young, young age I wanted to become a footballer, as all boys do - it was never going to happen for me.
Well I still play football now, but it was never going to happen. And then at that age my dad was a policeman and I wanted to go into the force. I'm not sure what changed, but I got to that age when my dad started telling me some gruesome stories, so it put me off a little. And then it was only a couple of years ago that I actually wanted to become a journalist, but I was never that good at English. Nowadays I actually wouldn't mind going into the police force, I think there's a picture somewhere of me in my dad's police outfit, really baggy trousers, police hat and shirt, tie- everything.
So you like dressing up?
I love dressing up, honestly. My school always arranged events, for like breast cancer, certain children and what not. There was a pink day where everyone turned up with something pink; but I decided to turn up with EVERYTHING pink! We had a cross dress day as well, so boys dressed as girls and girls as boys. Again, I went to the nines haha. I bought a really provocative, very short nurses outfit, fishnet stockings, and big leather boots with three-inch heels. Wig, makeup and everything; that's probably the first time I ever had makeup on, and now look at me, I'm having it done every day. So yeah, I like dressing up, I think it's a bit of fun – I don't care if people take the mickey out of me.
(At this point Max's mum comes out with an entertaining selection of Max kiddy images. Dressing up images included. Nice.)
So you must be enjoying modelling then!
I was born to do it! haha
What parts of it do you really love, and what parts are you not so fond of?
I love the money and I love meeting new people. Like I said, I don't like the travelling, but I do like seeing the cities. I don't like that you don't have to think about a thing in this industry, everything is literally done for you. It sort of just switches your mind off. That's why I want to go back into education, because it keeps it rolling. But I do love what I'm doing and I feel grateful for being able to be part of it.

Thanks for such an entertaining talk Max. We look forward to seeing more of you on the catwalks.

Interview and image by Cecilie Harris
Words by Rosie Williams.

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