Louie The Liverpudlian

17 February 2015

In an unusual series of fortunate events, Louie (Premier Models) finds himself being scouted at a dance festival, being asked to model for fashion week (prior to this Louie was not aware of what exactly this was), and days later Louie has walked for James Long, stood in a John Smedley presentation and shot a pretty cool editorial.

Still trying to come to grasps with the implications of London Transport, we sit down over a cup of tea and ease into an amusing array of sentences. Full of humour and infectious narratives, we're immediately hooked on Louie's storytelling.

With dark curls, narrow eyes and a sharp jawline the Premier Models boy explains what the new found fashion world means to him, fills us in on timeless trainer facts, and his love of infectious beats he just has to dance along to.

Hi Louie! LCM has just passed, what did you get up to this season?
The James Long show and a John Smedley presentation. It was my first fashion week as I've only just started.

So this is your first modelling experience?
I’ve only just done my first magazine yesterday and my first test shoot today.

How are you finding the whole experience so far?
I’m just dealing with it how it comes. Trying to learn the transport and how to get about.

Instant analogue by Cecilie Harris. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

If you were back home now what would you be doing?
Walking the dogs, kicking about with my mates. Absolutely nothing. I really like this opportunity to travel. I’m just glad I’ve had this opportunity to come to London and meet new people and start fresh.

If something was to keep you in Liverpool what would it be?
Family. It’s just me and my Mum and two dogs.

Are they big dogs or small dogs or medium?
The boy is medium, but the girl will definitely be big! She's a puppy, but she weighs seventy pounds so she’s not really a puppy. She’s big!

What is your opinion of fashion at the moment?
Out there…it's crazy! Literally I’ve just started it, so I don’t really know what’s going on. Just getting used to it to be honest.

Do you think your perception of fashion has changed from previous views you had?
I used to think fashion was just what’s in, in terms of the clothes people wear, but since I’ve come to London it's hard to describe as it's very different. I literally don’t know how to put it. If you were to ask me in a month or two I might be able to give a detailed explanation, but fashion is crazy. I’ve been put in outfits that I’d love to wear and I’ve been put in outfits that don’t look like they’re made for human beings.

What do you enjoy about modelling?
I do enjoy different clothes. I really enjoy meeting new people, travelling. I’ve started actually like pictures getting taken of me. I find it quite exciting, but I think I need to still find things out myself.

What else are you into other than modelling?
I love dance festivals. I love anything to do with music. I love music. That’s where I got scouted, at a dance festival. I’ve been to Belgium and Amsterdam four times in the past ten months just to go to festivals.

What is it about the music?
It’s just the listening and dancing, I just love it. I went to Creamfields when I was 15. I don’t know how I got in, but I got in and that just changed my life.

What does the music do to you?
It’s just the rhythm and the bass, it makes you want to dance. Everyone’s dancing. Everyone’s having a good time. It’s euphoric sometimes. Everyone’s stood there with their hands up. Everyone’s loving and kissing and everyone’s just loving each other.

Do you have a specific genre or artists you particularly like?
I do like dance music, but there are genres within dance. There’s like say deep house, kind of slow, you can move to it. Then there’s crazy like dubstep, which I’m not really into. I don’t like that it sounds painful, really really painful. If its got good rhythms…say have you have you heard of Oliver Heldens?

Yes, I have.
Yeah I like stuff like that that you can actually dance to. I don’t like ridiculously hardcore music, or like ridiculously slow, boring music.

So nothing like Jungle?
A lot of the guys I’ve met from London and Nottingham and places like that they’re like ‘ It’s all about the Garage man it's all about the Garage’, and I’m like yo it's not where I’m from.

Do you think where you’re from has shaped the music you are into?
Yeah it has to a certain extent, because I’ve always liked rap music since I was a child. That was the music I really grew up with. Me and my mates always sat listening to 2Pac and Biggie and stuff like that. The older I got I started going to parties and obviously you don’t go to a party and start dancing to 2Pac. I started finding out new artist names and going to festivals, so since then I’ve been everywhere.

I’m gonna change the subject completely. What is your personal style?
If I’m at home I’m not trying to impress anyone. If I’m not going for a meal and I’m just out and about I will not wear jeans. I find them uncomfortable to be honest. If I were chilling I’d rather just have a pair of joggers or combat pants on. Trainers, hoody. I don’t dress like most other models. The first casting I ever went to I turned up in … not an outfit you would wear, let’s just put it that way. It didn’t go down too well. haha If I do wear jeans I’d usually have a big pair of baggy Stone Island jeans on.

I know from having four brothers a lot of boys have specific trainers they wear. Do you have a specific trainer you always buy?
I do like Air Max’s, more Air Max 95s than the ones most people would wear. It’s a BIG Liverpool thing. North, East and all that. If you go to Liverpool and go out of the city centre it's hard to miss it. I don’t know if that rubbed off on me growing up or if it was all I ever knew, but the first time I went to town on my own I was straight in the JD Sports.

Is there anything else you want to tell me about yourself?
I could tell you a lot of interesting stuff, but it wouldn’t go down well with a fashion magazine. haha I’ve just always looked after my Mum. As soon as I got the opportunity to model my Mum burst out crying, because she used to model so she thought it was amazing.

Is she proud of you?
Ridiculously proud. As long as it's not pictures of her 17 year old son wearing something completely out there. I like this magazine though!

Well thank you Louie, we like you too.

Interview and words by Rachel Abebrese.

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