Lonely Lovers Hotel

21 January 2019

Photographer Emilia Staugaard
Fashion Kristoffer Vollhaase
Words Amy-Jo Breach
Grooming Cecilie Do
Model Jens Christian Hecksher at 2pm Model Management

Welcome to the Lonely Lovers Hotel. Guests: one. Vacancies: ninety-nine.

Time here passes only by the clock adjacent to the empty concierge desk. Hourly chimes move through hallways into the unoccupied rooms and all the way up to the fourth floor. The sunlight dims by the day. The winds blow stronger by the hour. The creaks grow louder by the minute. The twisted oak bannister swirls up and up - never ceasing. The dated, stained wallpaper peels and curls down the walls exposing dull plaster beneath. Vintage sheets atop mattresses remain untouched. The sole guest is frozen here where every day is Groundhog Day with no route of escape.

Stuck in this isolated seaside town, adventure is rare. Boredom becomes the default. Suspended in an eternal abyss of waiting for nothing, life grows grey. Jens Christian Hecksher at 2pm Model Management breaks free of his shackles to pursue freedom between sand and chilling waters. Before the sea grows too violent, photographer Emilia Staugaard captures Jens Christian escaping down a rickety wooden bridge to the cold depths flooding the horizon. Pausing at boulders barricading the beach, all appears vacant: not a morsel or shred of life awaits the hotel guest outside of this vicinity.

Stylist Kristoffer Vollhaase wraps Jens Christian when the sun hides but releases him when its rays reach to reconcile with his skin. Biting winter air whistles through his hair and brushes against his cheeks. Crumbling sand loses strength as each nudge of the sea erodes the natural restraints of the seaside. Fading from grey to ink black, the sky calls for Jens to return to the hotel, as the damp wet surface beneath begins to give way. Impatient and distressed, the waiting game continues. Here at the Lonely Lovers Hotel, there is no checking out.

Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-7

Above: T-Shirt by TONSURE and Shorts by JENS OLE ÁRNASON

Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-15
Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-5

Above: Shirt and Trousers by JENS OLE ÁRNASON

Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-6
Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-8
Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-16
Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-12
Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-17

Above left: Vest and Jumper by TONSURE
Above right: Shirt by JENS OLE ÁRNASON and Shorts by ADIDAS

Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-41
Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-11
Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-22

Above: Coat by ESP OSLO, Turtleneck by JENS OLE ÁRNASON, Trousers by ACNE STUDIOS, Boots by LŒDERSMEDEN.

Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-25
Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-18

Above left: As before
Above right: Shirt and Vest by TONSURE, Trousers and Shoes by ACNE STUDIOS

Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-36
Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-23
Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-30

Above left: As before
Above right: Polo Shirt by ACNE STUDIOS and Vest by TONSURE

Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-40
Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-29
Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-33

Above left: As before
Above right: Jacket by ESP OSLO, and Trousers by TONSURE

Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-28
Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-35

Above left: Polo Shirt by ACNE STUDIOS and Vest and Trousers by TONSURE
Above right: Jumper by ESP OSLO

Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-3
Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-39
Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-21

Above left: Jumper by ESP OSLO, Jeans by TONSURE, Coat by ACNE STUDIOS and Boots by WON HUNDRED x LŒDERSMEDEN
Above right: As before

Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-14
Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-10
Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-2
Jens_Christian_BBG-by EMST-1-2
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