Like Clockwork

8 July 2019

Photographer Flavia Daniele
Direction and Fashion Nicole Oike
Grooming and Makeup Bianca Bagnoli
Words David Gillespie
Model Diego Caterbetti
Special thanks to Marilena Ricci and her Grandma

Here we are again. The hounding haze of another late morning leaks between the cracks in the wilting wood shutters; washing sullen skin whilst braising sunken eyes as the summer sun beckons through arrogantly. The galling glare from the face on the wall leaves little time for woeful sighs for his hands never cease to strike. Clothes and lost concerns dress the floor beneath; a symphony of styles from times past, present, and years to come. Captured by photographer Flavia Danielle, model Diego Cartebetti is his own composer, playing each day by the rhyming chimes calling from the clockwork.

Empty eyes eclipse, laundering the lithe of light locked inside Diego’s mind. Even in a solemn state of ashen absence, his pensive presence is unquestionable. Upon the threads of floral fabric or the tread of the terracotta tiles paving the ground, his poise is a union of apathy and cool contentment. As the clocks tick by, the inevitable dawns nearer - the viscous air outside awaits. Opening the gates beyond our barricades leaves us susceptible to infiltrates; the walls between our fingerprint hold the secrets to our identity. For some, it's not through words, but through their willingness to wear their soul on their sleeves.

Diego’s diffident introversion stands in matrimony with his majestic extraverted aesthetic. Stylist Nicole Oike pays homage to this, plating Diego in layers of animated amour; never too little or too much - just enough to keep his core concealed. As the counter-current flows, a reminiscent 1990s nuance resurges, turning back the clock while remaining very much in present. The late nights arrive too early, and the future continues to recede. But for Diego, the test of time is clear. Another day, another dive; learning to look back, but not stare.


Above left: T shirt and Bomber Jacket by Marcelo Burlon County of Milan
Above right: Top by Marcelo Burlon County of Milan


Above: Dress by Simon Cracker and Necklace Stylist's own


Above right: Shirt by Davi Paris, Trousers by PT Pantaloni Torino, Jacket by Simon Cracker, Trainers by Vans, Pins Santantonio Trentaquattro Vintage


Above left: As before
Above right: Shirt by MSGM and Hat Stylist's own


Above: Pull over, Trousers and Belt by Les Hommes and Shoes by Efrem Damiani


Above left: Shirt by MSGM, Gloves and Necklace Stylist's own
Above right: As before


Above: Suit by Thom Browne and Boots by Capezzani


Above left: Total look by MSGM, Hat Stylist's own and Trainers by Converse
Above right: T Shirt by Simon Cracker


Above left: As before
Above right: Shirt and Shorts by Palm Angels and Hat Stylist's own


Above: Suit by Thom Browne


Above left: As before
Above right: Cardigan by MSGM, Suit by Valenti, Scarf by Marcelo Burlon County of Milan, Shoes by Les Hommes, Belts and Pins Santantonio Trentaquattro Vintage

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