Lauren & Joshua On Piggy Backs

22 October 2013

During our 55DLS exclusive editorial “When We Love” featured in our new issue “Lessons”, photographer Cecilie Harris took the time out to talk to our wonderful models Joshua at FM Models and Lauren at Elite Models London. Joshua and Lauren worked closely with Cecilie to create a story of young and all-absorbing love, and was very much a collaboration of how they felt about the subject. The day was a huge success that consisted of daisy bracelets, piggy back rides and freckles.

Lauren Franklin is one of two girls featured in our new issue, and we simply fell in love with her at the Elite casting and knew that with her elf-like features and delicate freckles she was the one to play this integral role in our story of love. Returning to shoot with us is Joshua Moroney who was featured in our last issue “A Place Called Youth” aas well as "The 4th Floor". We obviously couldn’t get enough of him, so had him back to play the fanciful dreamer. The combination of these two together worked a charm, and they thoroughly enjoyed portraying a young couple in love. Check out Cecilie's interview with them about the day and what went on behind the scenes. Be sure to get your copy here to see the full editorial of Joshua and Lauren.

Talk us through what we have done today!
Joshua: Well, today has been quite amazing. We’ve travelled an hour outside London to this beautiful location, where we’ve been shooting. We have been amongst all the lovely caravans and having a lot of fun!

Above: Image by Cecilie Harris.

Do you want to explain it better Lauren? Haha!
Lauren: The idea is that we are a couple, freshly in a relationship and we have decided to go away for a weekend just the two of us. And that’s what we have done in the lovely caravans. Chilling on the grass!

What have you been shooting for?
Joshua: An exclusive feature on the 55DSL collection.
Lauren: For Boys by Girls Magazine!

Were you waiting for her to fill you in then Joshua?
Joshua: I was just testing her…

Have you have a lot of fun today?
Joshua: Definitely!
Lauren: Yes, lots!

Why has it been super fun Lauren?
Lauren: It’s been really chilled out working together; it’s been just as much us as it was you in terms of direction. We got to do what we wanted, try new different things, and infuse our own ideas… and fun piggy back rides haha!

Was the piggy back ride your favourite shot today?
Lauren: Yeah, probably.

What about you Joshua?
Joshua: The team have been amazing, that always helps, and they’ve made us feel very comfortable.

Is it because I’m so awesome!?
Joshua: Of course! Cecilie is awesome!

I was waiting for that… haha! What do you think about the AW13 55DSL collection?
Joshua: I think the collection is amazing; I’ve got pieces from last season so I’m quite down with 55DLS. I love the colours they use.
Lauren: The prints and fabrics are really good quality as well. The long dress I wore in one of the shots was very comfortable!

What are your thoughts on the location today?
Lauren: It was great to get out of London. This is the first shoot I’ve done outside of the city, so it’s been an amazing experience. It’s beautiful and we are so lucky with the weather.

Yes I’ve got a bit of a tan!
Lauren: My freckles have come out slightly toda

Joshua, you were in our last issue and now you’re in the new one, what’s up with that?
Joshua: Hopefully because you like my modelling and my look.

It’s just because you’re so awesome.
Lauren: I wouldn’t go that far haha… joking!

Lauren, you’re the first girl to be in BBG, how do you feel about that?
Lauren: I feel very privileged, I feel like the elite.

And what agency are you with?
Oh… Elite haha! I didn’t do that on purpose, I wish I had.

Did you know what Boys by Girls was before the casting at all?
Lauren: I did because I did a test shoot with your photographer Georgie Wileman in August/September time last year. I then saw a lot of the work BBG features, and saw what it was really about.
Joshua: Good one Lauren!

Would either of you like to add anything?
Joshua: Well it’s been a marvellous day, the sun is still shining, nice early finish – not that it’s a good thing haha. It’s been really good!
Lauren: Thank you for picking me to be the first girl, and Joshua and I definitely volunteer to do a break up story in the next issue haha!

We’ll plan a real sad one for next time, a tragic break-up perhaps – glad you’ve both had fun guys!

Words by Annie Ounstead.

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