Lasagne Loving Christian

2 April 2013

We recently posted a charming editorial by Boys by Girls photographer Cecilie Harris featuring the beautiful (and joyfully cheeky) fifteen year old Christian from Q Models, New York. During the day of the shoot, we managed to catch a quick chat with him and get to know him a little better. Christian did in fact fly in from Austria with his dad to see us, so we were very keen to talk to this lovely boy. A total sweetheart!

This gorgeously tall 6'3" Austrian boy is seriously cool. Not only does he speak a multitude of languages including Latin (super impressive right!), but he has many other skills too. These include horse riding and managing to look amazing whilst shivering from the freezing cold on a day out shooting in London. He also expressed his love for travelling to New York, a love we totally share with him. (New York, you miss us yes?)

Check out the full interview below, where we dig a little deeper into Christian's life as a model so far and find our more about his passions. Also make sure to check out his exclusive editorial for Boys by Girls here.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
I go to school in Austria, I play football there and I love to travel. Some of my favourite places to visit are New York, Istanbul is very beautiful, and Barcelona too

Why do you like New York?
In New York there are so many places to see; I like Broadway, Queenbridge and Central Park.

How did you get into modelling?
When I was 14 a guy asked me to work for him, but I was too young. Then one year later a guy asked me on Facebook for a shoot in New York and then in the summer I went to a casting. In September I went to New York for ten days and on the second day I signed with Q Management.

What has been your favourite experience so far?
It was very cool at Q to shoot for the agency.

What would your dream modelling job be?
Maybe Calvin Klein!

Do you have any secret skills?
I'm pretty good at geography. I can ride horses and I’m good at swimming. I learnt to play violin, but I'm very bad. I have a very old Violin, it’s 350 years old. I'm also learning dancing in Vienna and can now do the waltz.

Do you have a girlfriend?
No, not anymore. In September I had a girlfriend. I wanted to go to New York for half a year to work, but I want to focus a bit on school right now. It is important and I enjoy it. I can speaking English, German and Latin, I'm very good at Latin… and Spanish.

What is your favourite thing in the world?
I really like to eat! Lasagne is probably my favourite food.

Cheers Christian for being a sweetheart.

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