Just A Normal Day At Fashion Week

5 February 2013

For Harry, Boys, DJ, Toby, Chuck, Todd, Jeremy and Dylan, spending their time running from casting to casting, showcasing beautiful designerwear during editorial shoots and walking down the catwalk is just a normal day at work. After bumping into each other regularly, close friendships were created and they naturally became a group of great friends, where it became just a normal thing to meet up regularly and fuck about during castings and shoots. The eight young (and may we add very handsome) male models became "Justanorm" - just normal boys, going about their normal day.

Boys by Girls asked the boys to share their experience from London Collections: Men and fashion week in paris and Milan. After a rather hectic month they are now safely back and have provided us a recap of their experience and a little bit more about their group of friends.

Justanorm is built of models from various agencies. Harry Uzoka and Boyd Alves from Premier Models, DJ James and Toby Leonard from Select Models, Chuck Achike and Todd Taylor from FM, Jeremy Boateng from Nevs Models and Dylan Williams from Elite Models. Being at different agencies can be annoying when it comes to meeting up for castings or generally spending time with each other as different agencies will have different castings slots for the shows. So being Justanorm... We ended up meeting and planning how we could get through the castings together as a group. For us, this was the best part of fashion week.. From bantering on the journeys to the castings, bantering at the castings, to bantering on the way out lol (we love banter if you didn’t notice haha). However, supporting and motivating each other along the process was also very much needed as the fashion industry can be very daunting at times.

Fashion week castings are normally quite long and strenuous, especially when there is no certainty that you’re even going to be considered for the show. It's always a good feeling when you feel like you've had a shit day of castings and you've got seven of your boys telling you to stay positive and keeping you laughing.

As the castings came to an end the suspense of the unknown puts us in a state of excitement. One of the lads, Todd, was in Milan for castings, and DJ was also away. Going into our agencies to check our schedules, immediately followed by intense group chats, back to back conversations and international phone calls with the team to find out how everybody was getting on is always a great part of the experience. Congratulating anyone who felt it was going well and motivating those that were doubtful about the forthcoming days, also became a regular habit around this time.

So castings are finally over, confirmations start flying through, whilst options fall off and some still hang in the balance. Shows approach thick and fast in London proving to be quite successful for our first season together as Justanorm.

Jeremy managed to open Ted Baker whilst also rocking a pretty pink jumper down the runway for Sibling. Boyd was cutting shapes in his new hair at Martine Rose. Harry, as usual, set the catwalk alight for clients such as Oliver Spencer, Chritopher Shannon and Peter Werth. In addition to the group success in London, some of the boys made their mark booking top clients in Milan and Paris. Harry joined DJ James in Milan to participate in one of the most historical shows of all time, DSquared FW 13/14. Although Todd was also confirmed to take part in this event, unforeseen occurrences meant he didn’t get to do the show. However it wasn't a wasted trip as he still managed to get attention from blue chip clients. Dylan followed up on an excellent first season in Paris featuring in the Smalto and AMI presentation, after walking for Christopher Raeburn in London. Finally Toby Leonard came through with a presentation for Alex Mattsson and Chuck’s features at MR. Porter received a whole lot of love virally.

Overall, this was an excellent first season for us as a collective and team bonding has definitely become a regular occurrence since fashion week.

The Justanorm guys tells us they've got some exciting plans as a group and it’s definitely a movement that you’d want to keep an eye on.

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