Jorge The Catalan Chef

26 August 2014

We love meeting new boys as it gives us a chance to delve a little deeper into the dreams and ambitions of the teenage boy of today. The loveable Jorge at Milk Model Management popped over and gave us a little insight into his world and what he wakes up for in the morning.

The arising chef and avid writer began his career at just 8 years old, appearing in many commercials and editorials all over europe. At only 18, Jorge has already walked for a variety of fashion weeks and still manages to find time to experiment with new recipes and foods, nurturing his current passion for vegan food.

Honest and beautiful we can't wait for Jorge to pop over again from Barcelona and cook us a vegan meal, finished off with all the Catalan trimmings.

I like that name of your agency.
It’s quite curious, isn't it.

Indeed. Do you like milk?
I don't eat dairy. I’m vegan.

Oh cool, what’s your favourite food?
I’m not sure. I think the best things are the more simple things. I love cooking. I have been vegan for 3 months now.

Instant Analogue by Cecilie Harris. Special thanks to Impossible.

Is it making you feel better?
Yeah definitely, in my mind and body.

Are there many vegan options when you go out?
It’s a bit of a trend which is spreading. There are loads of restaurants which specialise in it.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
I’m probabley going to take more than three words. I like listening to people, and trying to help them and I to be the most organised person I can. I always think good things come to those who wait, and it’s definitely worth waiting.

When did you start modelling?
I started when I was 8 years old in some TV commercials, because my brother was doing it. Then when I was 14 I went to a fashion agency and did some test shoots and a few editorials. It wasn’t until I was 16 till I did my first fashion week in Barcelona and then last year I walked in Paris, Madrid and Hamburg. I’ve been studying this year though.

What would you say was your big passion?
My big passion is cooking.

What is your vision and dream with that?
To have a restaurant with my two brothers.

Where would this restaurant be? In Barcelona?
Probably yeah, well in the region of Catalonia. In a village, not a big restaurant, but a big place that you can go and visit with the family.

Would that be a vegan restaurant?
That’s the thing. I want to be a chef, but I don’t think that vegan food it very developed yet.

So there is an opportunity there?
Yeah maybe.

Would you call your self a dreamer?
I like to do what my dreams are; I like to do them in the present. I want to be a chef, so I’m cooking a lot now when I can.

If you were cooking all of us a dinner, what would you cook us?
I’ve been learning to cook pasta, because my mother has a boyfriend who is from Naples and he is always cooking pasta. So I would probably start with big salad with lots of Spanish ingredients in it, and then a pasta dish. Maybe I could make you a potato omelette, because that really Spanish and I like making it.

Who are the better cooks, the Italian or the Spanish?
They are different! Italians cook more things based with pasta and vegetables, we as in Spain eat a lot of meat.

I do love tapas.
Great! Then I would make some tapas. haha

Tapas is good, I like how you get choices of so many things.
Desert would be something with almond. I made an almond crumble once with a jam, which had two layers. It was good.

Excellent we are going to dream about that.

What is it like growing up in Barcelona?
Very good, I have a lot of good memories back home. For the past two years I have been partying quite a bit with my school friends, which has been good.

How would you describe the Catalonian people?
You’ve given me a tough question, but I will say the food. We are very passionate about food and home recipes. I always miss Catalonia food when I’m away from home.

Yeah, although in London you don’t have English food at all, there are some many different cuisines from different countries here.
Yeah, that’s what makes London so appealing. I love going to cafés and writing stuff.

What do you write about?
I love psychology stuff.

Do you just write for yourself?
I like writing when I have a tough day.

You can write about your challenging interview today.
Yes definitely. A woman asked me these difficult questions… haha But there were very good, they made me think.

What kind of advice can you give to new models?
Patience is pretty key in this profession and in life really.

Words by Mollie Smee.

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