Jordan Visits For A Gossip

31 July 2012

We catch up with sweetheart Jordan Burman (Select) to find out what's been going on in his world recently.

It's been way too long since we caught up with Jordan, and we were thrilled to have him stop by for some portraits and gossip. We have some pretty pictures to share with you of Jordan in a couple of days (just saying), but we couldn't wait sharing some of our gossip time with Jordan. Ever the sweetheart, we chatted about what he'd been up to lately, about being British and Olympic stuff.

What have you been up to since we last caught up with you?
I've been doing a lot of editorials. Then done London fashion week and Milan fashion week recently. My first season in Milan was great, and I walked for Dolce and Gabbana (read more about his experience here) and a presentation for Calvin Klein.

Sexy polaroid by Cecilie Harris.

Did you do any of the Queen's Jubilee stuff?
I saw the pavilion of boats by the Thames. I was coming over the bridge by Charing Cross and saw hundreds of boats. The weather was horrible. And then I watched the concert. Not actually there, but on TV. The Madness performance on the top of Buckingham palace was pretty wicked. It's cheaper and warmer in your house.

Were you feeling particularly British?
Yes and no. Cause I think that it's a bit tourist attraction kind of thing, but you also get a massive range of Europe and rest of the world. It's really nice to see other people celebrating something that's for us. I'm not sure if we'd do the same, cause we're very stubborn.

What do you mean?
When it comes to football for example we're very proud to be British, and we always sing songs and say how much we hate the other countries. So obviously there would be people who would do it, but not as many as people that come to us. So that's really nice of them, I like it. I'm feeling extra sporty at the moment, makes me want to get up and get active. Going more to the gym, play a bit of football, go running, a lot of cycling.

If you could choose any Olympic sport to participate in the Olympics what would it be?
It would be one extreme or the other. Like shooting or something like that where you have to be very precise. And I like the guys on the gymnastics on the box that spin on the horse, or the rings. They are just so strong and powerful and it looks really wicked what they do. And in both of them they have to be really precise in what they do.

Ooh that would look really cool in pictures. Let's do it!
Yeah, if we can find some rings.

Do you know how to use the rings?
I know how to pull myself up on them haha

What else is going on in your world?
I'm looking forward to a wicked summer. Going to Milan and then hopefully a nice relaxing holiday to finish the summer off.

Are you a good dancer?
Yeah I'm a wicked dancer! haha

What about moving forward?
Continue the modelling. Maybe get another job including numbers as well, like a trader. Lead two different lives like yourself. I like numbers.

Three random Jordan facts
When I was born I wasn't breathing, so I was blue.
I was short and fat when I was younger. And now I'm slim and 6'2".
I've been with my girlfriend for nearly three and a half years.

Thanks Jordan. Please stop by soon for another gossip!

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