Joey Talks Bond: James Bond

17 September 2013

During his recent visit to the BBG Headquarters, we sat down with the wonderful Joey Rogers at Supa Models to get to know a little bit more about this multi-talented young man. He recently added the prestigious Burberry Prorsum to his CV when he took to the runway at London Collections: Men for their SS14 collection. He talks to us about the highlights of the show and why he prefers London to Paris.

Shot here in a polaroid by Cecilie Harris, Joey looks every bit as relaxed as his personality. He is currently studying film and already has three films under his directorial belt. But his talents don't stop there; he also knows how to play the piano, drums and guitar - basically he's a one man band. This boy aims high, and told us of his ambition to one day play James Bond. We admire him for his doubtless spirit in this dream, and look forward to sitting down to the new Bond film in a few years time and seeing our beloved Joey on the big screen!

Hey Joey, (it's very tempting to add "how you doin?" here, but we manage to control ourselves) can you tell us a bit about your model journey so far?
My journey... my journey started when I was in a diner. I was with my ex and some guys came up to me and were like “Hey, are you a model?” I said no. “Do ya wanna be?” and so I said yes. So I did testing for a few weeks. Did Burberry, which was really cool. Exclusive. Bosh. Got that out of the way.

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris.

We had another guy who did that today..
Thats ace man.

Yeah I know him.

Supa Boys did really well in that show.
Yeah eight boys we had!

That’s amazing, would you say that has been your highlight?
Yeah it was brilliant. Well that wasn’t the highlight, the highlight was afterwards with all the free champagne, just chilling, partying with the lads. It was amazing. Then went to Paris, that was pretty wicked, but I prefer it here I think.

Why do you prefer here?
Because I don’t speak French. It’s just the language barrier. English are ignorant, we don’t learn other languages. The French have attitude and bread.

And cheese..
Haha yeah and cheese. I actually turned into a loaf while I was there.

If you could describe yourself in three words what would they be?

Yeah skinny trousers. Um and smiley.

You said you wanted to get away this summer - where would you go if you could?
I went to Canada a few years ago and I really want to go back. I did a skiing season there, so I want to go back.

What do you think makes a person truly beautiful?
Are we talking about anything about them or just looks?

I think there is that thing. It’s not really a thing that someone has, but it’s a connection between two people I think. You can like look into their eyes and connect. It’s that sort of beauty that’s intriguing.

Other than modeling what are you passionate about?
Film. And Music. I play piano, drums and guitar and I’m at uni doing film. I direct. The last film I directed was amazing... well of course I would say that, but it was like a super natural Noir.

What was it about?
It was called "The Salesman". It’s sort of like a grim reaper sort of thing. About human greed and why people go for things. So he would offer people the idea of paradise, but really he was death and it was about what people want.

Wow. Can we find it anywhere?
Yeah I think you can actually. If I had my phone I could give it to you. I don’t know whether its on YouTube. I could send it to you guys.

Yeah, we would love to see it. Show it to our viewers! What is your ultimate dream?
To play James Bond. Huge James Bond fan. Massive.

Are you an actor or is this just a random thing?
No. But I’m gonna do it though. I am. haha

You sound so confident.
I am gonna do it. I am.

Would you want to be like the old James Bond’s, kind of cheesy or the new Daniel Craig version?
Ok so, George Lazenby, not to bore you all, he was in "On Her Majesties Secret Service", and he had never had an acting role in his life. What he did was he went to Connery’s tailor, his hairdresser, turned up at Eon which was Albert Broccoli and Harry Saltzman’s production company, just rocked up there. They saw if he could ride a horse and stuff. And he got the role. Bosh. Amazing. I’ve always been such a James Bond fan, it’s my geeky side coming out.

What’s your favorite Bond film?
Maybe "Gold Finger". And "On Her Majesties Secret Service". John Barry’s composition for that is ridiculous. So probably that.

Tell us a little bit more about your film interest. Where are you studying?
Studying at London Metropolitan. I’ve directed three films now, two documentaries - one was about, you know Forbidden Planet in Covent Garden. Massive comic book store, and it is about the guy that started it. He got chucked out for drugs and stuff, but he was the one that pushed it all in the sixties and he was a massive part of Watchmen that got turned into a film. So it was about him and how he’s trying to get back into it by doing a James Bond graphic novel. Ironically enough... (we all laugh)

What makes you truly happy?
Probably drinking whiskey with my dad. He’s a proper Irish man, so it’s just really chilled. My grandma has got a farm in Ireland, so we all go out there every year. She’s got cattle and stuff. We just go by the fire, have a whiskey. It’s really cool.

So if you could leave us with any life advise what would it be?
Life is not about money.

But it is about becoming James Bond.
But it is about becoming James Bond. Yeah. That’s exactly it.

Thanks for being a true sport Joey, we learnt so much in our short time together. Hope to see more of you soon!

Words by Annie Ounstead.

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