Double Trouble: Joey And Anders

25 December 2013

It’s the double trouble, gruesome twosome Anders and Joey at Supa Model Management. We love these two. When the boys came into the Boys by Girls office to have a catch up and do our Christmas challenges, getting them to sit down and do anything was like trying to get a group of girls to do their homework while the latest episode of Gossip Girl is on. These boys are oddly joined at the hip; when we offered them a drink they both wanted the hot chocolate, when we asked them to sign their polaroids (on different days) they both added the same smiley face. Coincidence? All we know is that if these boys are in the same room together, we definitely want to be there, as it will always be magic.

We offered them chocolate in Christmas shapes. Joey decided he thought the wrappers were too pretty to ruin, yet still managed to eat his fair share. When we finally got round to getting them sat down to have a chat with us (both snuggled up on the sofa together), we got down to finding out what Christmas had in store for them. They slowly took over the interview, by interviewing each other. Brilliant stuff.

For our seasoned viewers you will know that we shot these two boys together when Cecilie Harris captured them for our "12 Faces of Summer". Not to mention that Anders was also captured by Georgie Wileman for our latest issue "Lessons" in this gorgeous series! You can still get yourself a copy of the issue here.

What are your plans for this Christmas?
A: Joey doesn’t like plans. I’m going skiing for Christmas in France.

And you are celebrating Christmas there with gifts and stuff?
A: See, Christmas and gifts...
J: (Interrupting) What is Christmas about Anders? Is it all about giving or receiving?
A: So, I think in today’s world, Christmas is a lot more about big companies trying to sell you stuff, it's lost the tradition hasn’t it. So that’s why I still get socks for Christmas.
J: Oh, don’t we love socks.

Lets talk more about the meaning of Christmas.
J: So we buy loads of food basically and we think, okay let's just stuff our faces. Let's get rank, let's get crazy with each others families, and then everyone argues about who ate the last turkey leg, and then something happens. Actually that’s not what it's about.
A: And then Grandma falls down the stairs.
J: I don’t know what Christmas is about, I’m not religious.
A: It’s definitely not religious for me.
J: Maybe it's that special thing that’s in the air - not cinnamon candles - it's like that shared euphoria of December people.

What’s the December people?
J: The people from the 20th of December to the 1st of January, everyone that’s born then.

Ok, so we know that Anders is skiing, what about you Joey?
A: Well I think he’ll be vedging.
J: With vegetables actually, just on the sofa, eating. I’m a big film guy so 'It's A Wonderful Life' is on repeat, 'Gone With The Wind', at least twice.

What’s your favourite Christmas movie?
J: I'm going to say 'It’s A Wonderful Life', it's so watched by everyone this time of year because its just so magical. I love that film, what else is really good?
A: Santa Paws!
(both start laughing)
A: No, that is an awful film. I like 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles' Christmas or is that Thanksgiving? I know, 'Home Alone'!
J: What about 'Christmas On 34th Street' or something?
A: That’s a classic.

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris.

Ok, next topic. Christmas food.
J: Turkey.
A: Goose.
J: Twizzlers.
A: Crisps.

(both laughing a lot)

A: Quality streets.
J: On the Christmas dinner? In the wrappers?! Like melted in the gravy!
A: I like the green triangles and the purple nut ones.
J: Cranberry stuffing, with apples and nuts and everything.

The boys at this point are giving very long answers; they could go on forever talking about food and films, and just start chatting to one another. Editor Cecilie is fascinated by the enthusiasm and suggests the boys interview each other instead.

A: This could get interesting!
(Anders now leaves the sofa to go and get into character.)
J: Now ladies and gentlemen I give you Anders Hayward, please come and sit down sir.
(they shake hands)

J: So Anders, what do you do on Christmas morning?
A: Wake up around nine, have a little bit of a lie in, get my ski gear on, go out.

J: What about breakfast?
A: Oh yeah we have breakfast. My ideal Christmas breakfast is bacon, eggs, a lovely bit of crusty bread, brown sauce of course. That’s all I need.
J: I like to have a Bucks Fizz, it's like ‘bang, here’s to Santa Claus.’
A: That’s a good shout.
J: You do your mid-morning thing, the women does the food, joking! Nice bit of sexism at Christmas!
A: Right, I’m taking over this interview now.

A: So, after you’ve eaten your Christmas breakfast…
J: So the family come round, maybe open a couple of presents. Then mum starts doing the dinner, we play with each other - not in that way, we're family! Don’t be silly. Then, maybe pair my sock up that I got, and then eat dinner, that’s it really. You get to ski all day!
A: Yeah, it’s usually a beautiful day on Christmas morning, we stop off at a little restaurant on the way, usually have a bit of goulash soup with chips on side.
J: Chips for Christmas dinner!
A: No, not Christmas dinner, just Christmas lunch. Then later we have a massive huge dinner.
J: Wow, that is large.

J: Do you have a turkey or goose?
A: It’s a goose, I don’t really like turkey. I think it is so overrated, it is so dry. I think goose is so much nicer, I don’t know why turkey gets Christmas?
J: It makes a fun sound that’s why (does a strange turkey impression).

Ok boys, two minute warning for the end of your show.
A: I think that’s us all done. Let's take a bow. Join us next year for our second BBG Christmas show!
J: We might do Easter next year if your up for it? We can bring eggs.
A: Maybe not.
J: See ya.
A: Bye!

Have a great Christmas boys!

Words by Cleo Glover.

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