Joel The Fun Loving Soul

12 August 2014

We love Joel. He warms up any room with his welcoming, fun and infectious personality, putting a smile on anybody’s face no matter the weather, which is why we were so excited when he turned up at the BBG office.

We took our offortunity to catch him for a BBG chat; you know where the models talk about their feelings and stuff. You may have seen Joel before in Issue 6 where Sara Gilmer captured him in his home in Leeds as part of our "Boys in Bedrooms" feature. This time we were able to sit on our sofas with a cup of tea in hand for a more relaxed talk with Joel.

We spoke about the model's love of cooking (and eating too, obviously!), as well as how he wants to be Paris Hilton (all she has to worry about is being pretty, right?). In addition we also delve into why Joel sort of wants to be an estate agent, his childhood heroes the powerpuff girls and trying to solve his identity crisis. All will be explained.

Issue 6 is available here.

Hey Joel! Why don’t you start by telling us a little bit about yourself - who is Joel Mignott?
I’m Joel Mignott and I’m with AMCK Models. I’m 18 and I live in London, but I’m from Leeds originally. I’ve been modelling for six months, full time now after finishing studying a Fashion Design diploma at college.

Instant Analogue by Cecilie Harris. Special thanks to Impossible.

Talking of fashion week, what shows did you walk this season?
YMC, Matthew Miller and Joe Turvey. They were great, especially YMC, but it was such an early start, I got there at 8am and despite being a bit late (oops) I was one of the only one with a grin on my face the whole time. I don’t know why, but I seemed to be a morning person that day – I absolutely loved it.

What was your favourite show that you walked for this season design wise?
Matthew Miller. This season particularly was my favourite, because of flowers, it was super cute.

Who is your all time favourite designer you would love to walk for?
That’s a hard question, because I like different designers for different reasons; however it would probably have to be Bobby Abley or J.W. Anderson, because I like what they stand for. You know what I mean?

I’d definately have to agree with you. How would you describe yourself in three words?
Oh God…spontaneous, easy going and creative.

What makes you happy?
Food, alcohol, parties. Is that bad? Anyway moving on swiftly.

Of course not. Do you have any passions?
Well, yeah kind of. Festivals, photography and that’s about it. I like travelling as well. I don’t know, I think I’m having an identity crisis at the moment. haha

What festivals are you going to?
I’m going to BoomTown Fair, I’m going to some cute little hippy ones this year around Bristol and Manchester as well.

You say you like travelling, where would you love to go?
Australia, which I’m going to this summer and maybe like Jamaica, because it’s so exotic.

Have you never been to Jamaica?

But you’re partly from there, you’ve got to go and explore. Maybe that will solve your identity crisis.
(Laughs) I’d come back thinking I’m Bob Marley or something.

Talk a bit about how your last Boys by Girls shoot for Issue 6 went?
It was great, I took Sara Gilmer to the woods, but she had really nice shoes on and it was really muddy. I was just like oopsie! I don’t think she really ever expected that I was going to drag her to a forest. However it was really fun, it was different going into my house and seeing what I did. I kind of liked that though and it was fun. Sara interrogated all corners of my room as well, I had to explain a lot of things (laughs). She got me sweating.

haha Can imagine! What makes you sad?
Clothes shopping.

Oh no! How come?
Because it really frustrates me, really, really a lot.

Just on your own or going with other people?
Especially with other people, because they’re so fussy and so am I and we’ll end up there for like two hours. I always end up looking like a tramp anyway so I don’t see the point. It always results in me going to charity shops, because it’s just so much easier.

You mentioned before you are from Leeds, but now live in London. What is your favourite thing about the two cities?
Well in Leeds my favourite thing is the countryside and my friends and family. In London, because I do this with my best friend and he’s a model as well, we go out a lot. And I’ve got a lot of friends down here that I’ve known before modelling. The nightlife’s probably the best thing.

What’s important to you?
Definitely my friends and family.

Do you go back to Leeds a lot to see your friends and family?
I spend about 50:50 in each. I do enjoy going back to Leeds, however obviously I like to be in London because I like to be busy with the modelling. When I’m Leeds all I do is go see friends and party, so I don’t feel as if I’ve got much of a purpose up there whereas I do in London.

So deep question time; if we had been up all night and ended the evening sitting on the stairs talking till the sun came up - what would we be talking about?
That is deep! I find that early in the morning I talk a lot of rubbish, I’m not really a morning person. I’d end up talking about something really deep like life. Like the illuminati. People just talk about it for hours and hours. I like horoscopes as well, I think they can tell a lot about somebody.

Do you have any obsessions?
Yes of course, Lauryn Hill because she is so fabulous. I’m off to see her in September in Manchester.

Sounds amazing! Where do you see yourself in 20 years time?
Maybe being an estate agent.

Oh yes of course you said in your LCM interview you wanted to be an estate agent.
Yeah, yeah! haha

How come the sudden career change?
Well I like looking around people’s houses, I’m very nosey. I think it would be fun and I think I could sell absolutely anything to anyone, because I chat a lot of rubbish.

Do you have a childhood hero?
The Powerpuff Girls obviously! I used to be obsessed with them and they are just really fabulous.

Amazing you can’t go wrong with the Powerpuff Girls; do you have any other favourite cartoons?
I used to be obsessed with, it’s really cheesy, but this thing called Avatar and it’s this guy that has magical powers. It’s a cartoon on Nickelodeon.

To leave on a final note, what would your best piece of advice be?
Don’t take life too seriously, definitely.

Always a winner, thank you for your kind and funny words Joel!

Interview and Words by Rosie Williams.
Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

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