Joe ‘The Giggler’ With Perfect Hair

29 January 2013

Now nicknamed ‘The Giggler’ by our lovely Boys by Girls team, we absolutely adore Joe Cullinane from D1 Models. Not only did the 18 year-old welsh boy contribute to his shoot with some very cute laughing, but his smiles and giggles was wonderfully infectious and had us going as well.

In particular the look of confusion on his face when asked by Cecilie to do a ‘Dying Swan’, was in particularly entertaining. Joe also arrived with near perfect hair, which we heartily approved of.

If you haven't seen Joe's portrait series with Cecilie Harris that we posted up before christmas, then make sure you check it out here!

Hey Joe, you mentioned you’ve been modelling for three months now. How did you end up modelling?
Three months yeah. Well I was in a nightclub called The Egg, and one of the scouts from D1, Raphael asked me if I wanted to do modelling.

Why do you have such perfect hair?
I do hairdressing with Toni and Guy in addition to my modelling! haha That’s why I always get shaved and know what to do with my hair.

Do you cut your own hair?
Cut my own hair!? No haha! I just get my friend to do it.

You probably have all the right friends to cut it for you, that why it’s such a great cut!
Yeah I have the guy who does all the collections for Toni and Guy, he’s like the main one. He does my hair, and yeah he wants me to shoot with him soon so that’ll be cool.

So in your three months of modelling what have you done so far that you’ve enjoyed?
So far… There was an awkward one, my most awkward actually! I had to do a gay shoot, my first one. It was with photographer Alasdair McLellan, and that was really cool, I really liked that!

What did you have to do?

Silence from Joe I had to kiss with another boy… !

You had to what?!
I had to kiss another boy! Haha! Yeah it was really awkward because we were both straight anyway. It’s hard for them to book the models though, that’s why they asked me; because obviously I’m a new face and to have the chance to shoot with Alasdair McLellan I was just like ‘ah ok I’ll do it’! But the thing was there were four of us boys, and the two other boys were obviously gay and were really going for it! Like doing French kissing, while me and this other guy were in the corner going ‘oh God, I hope we don’t have to do that!’ It was so funny.

Have you seen the pictures yet?
Nah I haven’t seen the picture, they’re not out yet. I think it’s out at the end of November in ‘Man About Town’.

Well we shall keep an eye out for that, we’re sure it will be beautiful!
Haha hopefully!

Don’t worry you don’t have to do that today … although we might bring you back for a later shoot now you have that experience haha! Have you done any other shoots that you’ve enjoyed?
I did a shoot the other day, for this German designer and I was modelling his clothes. They were really weird and funky, but it was really cool. But a bit weird though because they kept trying to put masks on our faces, like gimp masks and stuff!

Sounds like you get all the good shoots!
Haha yeah I get all the weird ones, because they just ask me and I’m like ‘Yeah ok!’

What would your dream campaign be?
Well I really like Stone Island, I would love to do that. Ever since I was a little boy I’ve loved their stuff.

What do you do when you’re not modelling?
Well I box. I’m from Wales, so when I was back there I used to box, about 4 years ago now. I boxed last year in England, in the South England Championships; but with the modelling they told me that I couldn’t do it. And then obviously with my hairdressing I’d come in with a black eye and stuff and it wasn’t great.

So what’s cool about Wales?
Not much… haha joking! Nah the scenery is really nice and its all chilled out, its nice to go back to. I’m going back there at the end of this week to see my family and stuff. Its good, because it’s all laid back when I’m in Wales, then when I come down to London, where I live with my mum, it’s really cool because its all diverse and I’ve got lots of different jobs so I’m really busy.

We want to shoot in Wales more, we’ll ask you for advice when we go there! If you could travel anywhere with your modelling where would you go?
Well probably New York, I would love to go there. I’ve already been there anyway but I’d actually love to do some jobs there, I’ve heard from other models that its really good.

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