Jason Wilder’s Tales Of New York

20 March 2012

So it's not as much tales of New York, as more of a "we'd love to go back there" so tell us some awesome stuff about one of our fave cities!

You guys remember Cecilie Harris' shoot in New York with Jason Wilder (New York Model Management) to see what he's been up to lately right? For anyone who missed it or want to have another peak, you can check out "Rumours" here. We wanted to catch up with him again to see what he's been up to and see what stirs in the word of Jason.

We also wanted to share is brand new Boys by Girls profile, so that we can all have a proper Jason stalk once in a while as we follow any other fabulous modelling work he does around the world. Check it out here.

Hey Jason, you were fab to shoot with! Are you still just as fabulous?
Ha no… I'm much better

Describe your shoot with Boys by Girls (Cecilie).
It was a terribly hot day, but the crew was very nice to shoot with and the clothes were great!

What exciting modelling things have you been up to since we shot you on that hot summer day in New York?
Lots! I did a shoot not so long ago while I was imitating famous paintings from the 18th century.

What else are you up to when you're not working?
Playing music with friends and researching sailing! I want to get my sailing license soon.

We were exciting to hear that you are one of those cool music dudes. Tell us a bit more about that, what you do and how that's going?
When I'm in New York I play bars and open mics with friends. This is always good fun and great to meet new people.

Give us three random Jason facts.
I currently have five people living in my two bedroom appartment.
I have a problem with procrastination...

If the world was ruled by a giant aunt, what would the life of Jason be?
hmmm... my aunt? Well I would get absolutely everything I want! My aunt spoils the heck out of me.

What inspires you and why?
Blues and Soul music, i love the raw sounds.

What are your three favorite songs to listen to right now?
Non Tiq- Quiet
Oh Land- Wolf and I
Lovage- To catch a thief

Tell us something amazing about New York! We miss it and are suckers for a good New York story.
Well it's hard to pin down just a single story out of all the great times I have had in the city. I suppose my favorite times are when I'm with my friends around the city as the sun starts to go down, and we fill our McDonalds cups up with liquer and go out on adventures. Looking for new people. Playing music at Union Sq. and let the night take us for a ride.

Thank you Jason, you are a doll! We're gonna run check out some of those songs.

Jason Wilder_MS1
Jason Wilder_MS1
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