Interview With Aaron Frew

28 November 2011

We caught up with the awesome D1 Model Aaron Frew recently, where he chatted to us about the latest addition to his impressive collection of tattoos. While we were at it we also found what he has been up to recently and got to know just that little bit more about the lovely Mr Frew.

Rumour has it you’ve got a new tattoo! What was your inspiration for your latest design?
Yep my latest tattoo was on left rib saying "NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS", my inspiration for this tattoo was me achieving some of my dreams! It goes to show dreams do come true!

And while we’re at it, talk us through your other tattoos?
I have fare few small tattoos all together. many on my hands, my first being my two tear drops. I got this because I was bullied throughout school and I used to get down about it, like you would, and I used to cry. But! I became strong and I stopped crying! So to make a joke I got two tear drops on my fingers!

My next was my locket. I got this done in NYC when I was out there working on my latest campaign for CK. I got this because I have never had a relationship so the locket represent who ever finds the key has the key to my heart! My next tattoo is a key on my ass cheek haha! Don't ask!

Then I've got 'LOVE, HATE' on my thumbs! People either love or hate me, simple!

I think then I got karma out on my left hand. I got this because this year I have been through a lot and I believe in karma, what goes around comes around.

I think got my my anchor like my icon Kate Moss on my right hand wrist just like hers.

I got a cross on my right here, this one is just random!

I got 'Mum' on my right ankle as my Mum is my rock!

What makes designing your own so much better than just copying one out of a book?
Designing your own means something more to you, it is much more personal. Also, mine are words or sayings which all mean something about me.

Any plans for another one soon?
I'm hoping to get a few small ones done soon in places which cant be seen..!

We are avid reader of your blog! Of course. For any new readers, what can they expect from your blog?
My blog is very simple, it's just about me and I post images up from my shoots and images of me and my friends out and about so people can see what I'm doing! I also post things I like.

What do you enjoy about blogging and why did you start?
I don't really know, it's so easy and simple and it's a good way for yourself, friends and others to see what you're doing and what you've been up to. I started ages ago and it just stuck with me!

What other blogs have you subscribed to? Name a few of your favourites that you would recommend.
I love looking at the blog 'katelovesme', it's really good for mens fashion. Also, my friend and designer Fred Butler's blog is really cool.

What else have you been up to recently?
I've just got back from the big apple where I was shooting a new camping which will be out early next spring summer! Keep a look out!

What else is coming up for Aaron that we can be excited about?
A lot is happening at the moment! I'm pushing myself, and my agency D1 Models are putting me in the right direction so I'm going to keep working hard and working towards making my dreams become a reality!

Do you have a favourite film to recommend to us? We do quite like a night in with a good movie and some vino.
I love the film GIA! And even though it's cheesey I love a good Disney classic, something like The Little Mermaid! It's amazing, ha!

What’s your guilty pleasure?
My guilty pleasure is Ariel from The Little Mermaid, I'm in love with her!

All the best, AARON FREW X

Thanks Aaron! Make sure you are following Aaron's twitter and blog for super cool Aaron updates!

While we're having a 'Frew' moment, we thought we'd share this image of Aaron looking oh-so-beautiful for i-D Magazine, enjoy!

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