Graeme’s World

13 May 2014

Following our preview of Cecilie Harris' editorial with Premier Models' Graeme Metz for our latest issue "The Truth About Boys", we present this exclusive interview with Graeme, as Cecilie sat down for a chat with him to learn more about this captivating boy. The Canadian native welcomes the Boys by Girls readers into his world and opens up about living away from home; who inspires him; and how he came to be the nice guy that everyone likes. Graeme's heartfelt honesty and soft spoken voice, leaves it's mark.

What we love about Graeme is that he is not just a pretty face, he also moves like poetry. Coming from a classically trained ballet background, he has previously shown us how it influenced the way he moves, and in the video interview below, he further impresses us with a pirouette - his favourite ballet move. After seeing how gracefully Graeme moves, we wanted to find out how his mind works, and once again find ourselves drawn towards his gentle nature and insights on solitude and art.

Make sure to see the editorial preview and get your hands on our latest issue to see the full 8-page spread.

Interview by Cecilie Harris.
Words by Sara Gilmer.

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