Get To Know Augusten At Oxygen

21 December 2012

One of our lovely interns Ieva Blaževičiūtė got to meet the hauntingly beautiful Australian boy that is Augusten at Oxygen Models, so today we present you with a stunning portrait and rather entertaining interview. The first thing you need to know about Augusten is that he’s cool. Having lived in London for the last 4 months he had some good things to say about our fair city, and this means a lot considering all the places he’s visited. We also love his style, apparently he layers like a pro.

A multi-talented boy, Augusten’s skills include the fact that as he grew up with two deaf parents and is fluent in Auslan and a couple other sign languages, he’s pretty good at cooking and he is the guy to call on if you need someone to dress up as a chicken. Clearly he’s not just a pretty face. Read the full interview with Augusten below!

Brief introduction please!
My name is Augusten and I am a German born Australian with an outrageously German name.

How did you get into modelling?
It's actually quite funny, I'd been approached a few times in Australia by scouts but had never really considered that I could do it. It wasn't until I went to NYC on a holiday that I changed my mind. I was in New York about three days before I was scouted on the subway. I actually said no initally but then got scouted by a different agency two days later. They recommended that I return home to Australia, where I signed with my mother agency and I worked that market for a little while. Jump to now and I've been in London for about 4 months and am loving the London vibe and the creative work here.

Photography by Ieva Blaževičiūtė

What do you enjoy most about modelling?
All the free diamonds! That and the freedom to be creative for a living. It's a blessing.

Apart from your modelling career, what other subjects interest you?
I love to read classic literature like work by Dickens, The Divine Comedies and Oscar Wilde. As for my life beyond modelling I've always been fascinated by the way the mind works. I'm planning on becoming a Clinical Psychologist eventually so would be working toward that if I wasn't modelling.

You have a very colourful and original style, what are your fashion inspirations?
I'm actually not always so colourful, Ieva just caught me on a bright day haha. Fashion is fun and I love to have fun with how I dress, beyond that I don't think much about it... I love the idea of a character dressing and to show some personality with what you wear. We can't all wear grey suits!

Your favourite clothing item of the moment?
My Prada Brogues, because they are bad ass.

Favourite place visited so far?
I loved being in NYC and it was really important to me personally, but my favourite would have to be Helsinki. And why... Karelian pastries, Salmiakki and Saunas! What more could you ask for?

You‘ve mentioned that London is like “New York’s older sister”. Have you found any favourite places of yours in London yet?
I'm really much more about the people than places, I think you can have fun anywhere. I love to be around Southwark and South London. To me it's so real and the people on the streets have a lot of personality.

3 random facts about you?
First and foremost, I make a mean creme brulee. Both my parents are deaf so I'm fluent in Auslan and a couple other sign languages and finally, I once performed as a chicken in a school play... I kid you not.

Is there any particular skill or unusual ability of yours that you are especially proud about?
Probably my prowess in the kitchen. I love to get creative with my food, see what I can make with whatever's in the fridge. It's quite an art form, trust me. My best friend Cooper Thompson used to call me "Stepford" because I'd always just randomly turn up with apple turn overs or something similar.

The last song you were listening on repeat?
Beatific by Glass Candy. I feel sorry for my housemates because I'm one of those annoying people that literally plays them again and again and again... sorry guys!

Cheers Augusten, it was a pleasure!

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