Flint On Back Flips, Acting and Sunshine

8 July 2014
Following his portrait series for Boys By Girls Magazine a little while back photographed by Cecilie Harris (also involving a super cute kitten), we caught up with Flint at Elite Models London to learn more about his adventures in London and what he has been up to recently. With a fun loving nature and some potentially serious trampolining skills, Flint chats to us about travelling, his love of acting and where his modelling has taken him so far.
With an infectious smile and a new classic 'English' hairstyle, at 17 Flint has a somewhat boyish charm about him. With excitement in his voice and a mischievous look in his eyes, he has an aura about him we can't help but just love. Walking for both Kenzo and Raf Simons' AW14 collections we are sure Flint has an exciting future ahead of him.

Hi Flint, tell us a little bit bout yourself?
I'm Flint, I'm from Amsterdam and I'm 18 years old. I'm half English and half Dutch. Oh and of course, I'm with Elite Models London!

Tell us the story of how you got into modelling?
I think about a year now, I started at 17 when I was in high school. Some friends of mine and people were telling me 'Oh you should look into modelling'. I wasn't so sure, so I asked a friend of mine as she was doing it already, so I asked her how she got into it, and she made an appointment for me at Tony Jones Management, my mother agency in Amsterdam. So I went there, and they signed me and a week later I was in Milan with a request Prada casting. I didn't get it, but it was exciting. And now I'm here in London with Elite Models London.

Instant Analogue by Cecilie Harris with special thanks to Impossible.
What have been the highlights so far?
Well, even though it was a small magazine in Amsterdam, I got a cover of a magazine which was really cool, and I had about 5 or 6 pages in the magazine too. Then there the last fashion week as well, which was really good for me. I walked for Raf Simons and Kenzo. I love the travelling you get to do when you are a model.
Have you travelled a lot?
I went to Milan, Paris and then to London.
What do you get up to besides modelling?
I draw a lot. And I have a trampoline at home, I like trampolining! I'm quite good at it, I can do a back flip, front flip and all the backwards and forward things.
I'd ask you to show us, but there's no trampoline here.
Haha, and it needs to be a big trampoline. I also love meeting new people. Right now I'm focusing on what I want to do, as I've just finished school.
Do you think you might go to University?
Yes, I think I might do something with acting.
I thought you might say art?
No, my mum is an artist , but acting is something I really want to do. I really love it. I performed in an opera once and met the Queen! I wasn't singing though, which is lucky. I did a series on TV too, which was really awesome.
What part did you play?
I was a bad guy, haha! I auditioned for the bad guy and the nerdy guy, but they chose me as the bad guy and I made someone drink themselves into a coma. It was one of those don't drink too much episodes. I thought I'd be quite good acting as the wimpy guy, but I was chosen to be the bad one. haha
You have to have quite a strong look.
Yeah, my character self is more strong, but maybe wimpy too.
What makes you happy?
Travelling and my dog.
If you could go anywhere in the world where could you go?
I want to see an entirely different culture so I want to go to Asia, and I'd love to see the great wall in China. I'm still young though, so lot's of time to travel. I also want to go to America and somewhere sunny.
It's sunny today in London!
Haha, but I mean sunny everyday, that doesn't happen in London.
Did you have fun during your BBG shoot?
Well it was a bit of a challenge with the kitten haha. The cute little albino cat here who is only 13 weeks old has been doing her own thing today, whist we tried to get some good pictures. Suki has been so playful and just jumps away and didn't really want to sit still. We tried to tire her out but it took ages, but I think we got some really good pictures in the end.
What would your dream shoot be?
I'd like to shoot for something really famous, that would be super cool. Like Vogue or something, it sounds cliche. Or just to have really good pictures that I'm happy with myself too.
What picture are you most happy with in your portfolio?
Actually the one I love isn't in my book yet, but it's a black and white portrait and I am clenching my jaw to look really angry. The light is perfect, so it looks really really cool.
What else should we know about you?
I'm funny! Or at least I hope I'm funny. I used to have long hair too, like past my shoulders because I didn't like going to the hairdressers. I have a really girly face too, so a lot of people used to mistake me for a girl. But now I'm in London I've got more of a classic "English Look".

Words by Sophie Mayanne.
Interview by Cecilie Harris.
Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE

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