Erik And His Dog Called Dexter

4 February 2014

Erik Andersson breezed into the Boys by Girls office with a quietly confident and completely laid back aura. This long haired Swedish beauty is signed with eight agencies all over the world in New York, Paris, Milan, London, Barcelona, Hamburg, Stockholm and Tokyo. As well as this, he has walked for Lanvin, Paul Smith, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Topman, Christopher Shannon, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Comme des Garcons to just name a few. Erik has more recently shot the H&M 2013 Christmas campaign, alongside a whole host of other incredibly successful models including Christy Turlington, Doutzen Kroes, Sean O’Pry and Liu Wen. You can also see Erik in countless amazing editorials in titles such as i-D, Vogue Hommes Japan and Love Magazine. All of this and he has only been modeling full time for a year. We are impressed!

When Erik popped in to take part in all of our special BBG Christmas challenges, we caught up with him about his amazing modeling career, his band, and of course his dog Dexter.

Would you mind sharing your scouting story?
I was scouted at a music festival in Sweden. They said they were looking for long haired guys so I just went along with it.

And how long have you been modeling for now?
I was scouted in 2009, but I’ve only been doing it full time for the past year. I really enjoy it, I get to travel a lot. I did a shoot in Gibraltar which was pretty cool, like up in the big mountains where they have a lot of monkeys and stuff.

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris.

What cool shows and editorials have you done?
Hmm, I walked for Marc by Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith, yeh I guess they’re the two major shows. Oh, and Lanvin. And I just did the H&M Christmas campaign.

Cool! Was that fun to shoot?
Yes, it was an easy shoot to do, as we had a lovely setup to pose within. And we just had to stand and smile for a couple of hours, it was pretty easy.

What do you do when you’re not modeling?
I play music. Drums in a band. We’re called Agnt (pronounced 'agent') and we play sort of... I think you could compare it to Arctic Monkeys, a little brit pop. But we don’t actually play a lot because all of us live in different cities. Actually the singer now lives in Hungary, so we’re always very spread out.

You’re an international band then?
Yeh, exactly. But when we’re all in Sweden, we get together and play or record or rehearse or whatever.

Where can we hear some of your music?
On Spotify and iTunes. Some of our music is on YouTube too.

Oh wow! Well you must be pretty good if you’re on Spotify and iTunes?
Err, yeh! haha No, not really. You could record a lullaby at your own place and you can put it on iTunes if you pay like $30.

Is your music quite popular then?
Hopefully it will be soon. haha

Don’t worry, we’ll become fans.
Yeh, that would be good!

Could you tell us three random facts about yourself?
Hmm, I think I got this question at my last casting. It must be a London question. Do they have to be random, as in, you would never expect it?

No not necessarily, just something plucked out of thin air that you feel like telling us.
Ok, well, I was scouted by another agency two years before the one I jumped on, like in 2007 and it was the same sort of thing; they we’re looking for long haired guys. I was 16 at the time so I didn’t really know anything about fashion. And I have one brother and one sister. None of them are models though. They say me and my brother look alike but I don’t really see it. He has long hair as well. And finally, I bought a dog recently.

Ah, that’s a good random fact.
He’s called Dexter, after the TV series. He’s a dachshund and so cute.

Do you have any final words of advice for our readers?
I feel like a lot of people worry too much about a lot of stuff. And nothing good ever comes out of worrying. Either the thing you’re worried about happens and it sucks, but if it doesn’t you’ve spent a lot of time worrying about something that hasn’t happened.

That is some pretty damn good advise Erik. Till we meet again.

Words by Ama Samra.

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