Edu’s London Adventure

25 March 2014
Remember Edu Beber? We first featured him in BBG editorial "The Wild Ones" a couple of years back. Having ventured to London for the first time this year, Cecilie Harris took the opportunity to photograph the Argentinian beauty (see the beautiful series caught in the London sunlight here). We also took a moment to know a little more about the softly spoken boy.
Born in Brazil, Edu spent the past 12 years living in Argentina. With perfectly tame hair (the kind that invokes jealousy from its coolness) and striking elfin-like features, his beautifully piercing eyes command immediate attention.
With a thirst for life, Edu has a happy go lucky flare about him, seizing each moment as if it were the last. Having already fallen in love with the City, Edu chats to us more about life back home in Argentina, his new found love of photography and day to day antics.
Welcome to London!
Thanks! It's my first time here, a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to come with him, and I said 'Yeah, why not!' I'm going to stay here for seven days. I'm really loving London so far, especially the people. They're really open minded, so you can do whatever you want, and they don't care. I like the city too, it's beautiful and I love the cold weather.
What is it like growing up in Argentina?
I'm originally from Brazil, I lived there until I was 8 years old and then moved to Argentina. I don't remember much about Brazil, but in Argentina I think it was normal, I had my friends and it was quite easy. I'm quite different from other people. People don't judge you, but you feel like you are different.
Instant analogue by Cecilie Harris. Special thanks to Impossible.
Tell me a bit about your life in Argentina?
I live with my friends, I don't work or study, I just live my life! Right now I'm trying to get into photography, I've been taking pictures of friends and models that I know.
How do you feel you are different from the other people growing up?
I think how I dress, and sometimes I wear make up. People notice things like that in Argentina. In London everyone wears makeup and the girls wear full eyelashes. If you are like that in Argentina, you are strange.
Do you enjoy being different?
Yeah, I love it! Here you have to work harder to be different though haha. There are a lot more people like me and my friends here, whereas in Argentina we are different.
What is the most outrageous way you have dressed?
Like a girl, haha! (Shows us picture and he looks awesome. Better than both of us together in fact).
What makes you happy?
Friends - they are a large part of my life. I have a big family back in Brazil, but I'm alone in Argentina and my friends have become my family.
How did you end up in Argentina?
My mum and dad split up, and my Mum took me with her to Argentina for work. After three years my mum went back to Brazil, but I decided to stay in Argentina. It's hard to be away from your family. In March I'm going back to to Brazil for a year or two. I plan to work and live with my family. The idea at the moment is to go back, work and save money to travel. I'd like to come back here again for longer - maybe a month.
That sounds like a nice plan!
Yeah, I feel like that will make me more mature.
Do you still feel like a kid?
Yeah, I'm a bit like Peter Pan, I love him! I have a tattoo of the hook from Peter Pan and this is Neverland (points to a tattoo on his finger). I need to grow up just a little bit though. Even if I grow up I can still keep a little bit of that.
What makes you sad?
Death! Thinking about that makes me sad, and I'm scared of dying. I want to go to a lot of places and do a lot of things, and I worry that I won't have enough time. I think that's the only thing that makes me feel sad.
Are you a bit of an explorer?
Yeah, I want to see more of the world, as this is the first time I've travelled outside of Brazil and Argentina. In Argentina you have to go other places to learn English. We learnt some in school, but I didn't really like it.
Where did you learn your English?
Music, the internet, Facebook - if you want to speak to anyone from England you need to know English, or at least the basics.
Did you have fun on your Boys By Girls shoot?
Yes! I was a bit shy at first, as it's a long time since I've been in front of the camera. I was a bit nervous too because I'm in London, but I really enjoyed the shoot. Thanks!
Interview by Cecilie Harris.
Words by Sophie Mayanne.
Special thanks to Impossible.
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