Dovydas On The Goodness Of London

7 November 2012

Following our portrait series of Lithuanian model Dovydas Kreivys, we have an interview to share with you to learn a bit more about this 19 years old D1 model.

After you're all up to speed on your Dovydas knowledge and gossip, you can also check out his portrait series photographed by Cecilie Harris here.

How did you get into modeling?
It was basically during the Christmas holidays. I was shopping in H&M with my girlfriend, and a booker from D1 Models approached me and asked if I wanted to model. It started from there really.

We hear you play basketball, are you any good?
I'm pretty good haha. I had an England trial when I was 16 years old.

What are you doing at the moment in addition to your modelling?
At the moment I'm also studying travel and tourism.

How long have you lived in London, and how is it different from your home country Lithuania?
I have lived in London for 15 years now. The people in Lithuania are a little grumpier. People here are more friendly. In the streets for instance people here are more polite. Lots of "please" and "thank you"'s, or if you are getting on the bus, people let you on. The thing I like about Lithuania is that my family lives there. I go back to visit my grandmother every summer.

Above: Photo by Cecilie Harris.

What other stuff is good about Lithuania?

You can go swimming in the lakes and rivers, and you can easily do extreme sports.

One thing that's difficult is that traditionally they are Catholic there, but I'm a Christian. I like the church I am with here, which is very accepting and allows me to be myself. It's also a very lively community, lots of singing and praying. The Lithuanian community is a bit more traditional. Here I can experiment a bit more and express myself. Like this shirt I'm wearing, I couldn't dress like this at home and not be looked at funny.

So tell us a bit more about what you like about London and England?
I would say the different cultures. There are so many people from different countries, I really love that.

Are you into fashion?
Yeah. I love Topman, it's like number one. And I love skinny jeans. My dad loves shopping as well. My girlfriend doesn't. She's like "oh, shopping again?". Same with my mum. So me and my dad will go out shopping haha.

What makes you happy?
Spending time with my girlfriend, going to church, going back to Lithuania to see my grandmother and chilling with my friends.

Can you give us some random facts about you?
I'm 6.2 tall.

That's a boring fact though, we could read it from your card.
haha ok, I like skateboarding and I used to play basketball.

Ok we'll let you off. You've been here for 15 years, which language do you feel you can express yourself the best in?
It's definitely easier for me to speak English. I find it quite difficult to write Lithuanian. I can read it, but it but it takes me a bit of time.

Thanks Dovydas, you're a peach.

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