Do you Beliebe?

25 November 2014

Pokemon, Britney Spears and Justin Bieber - Matt Ardell's (FM Models) obssessions resemble a kitsch teenager's poster wall. Photographed alongside longtime long term friend Marc Faeilla inside Issue 7, we share a teaser of his interview.

With our long term obsession with Matt, it was inevitable that we invited him back for the third time, revealing another chapter in the life of Matt. And we had a long, nice chat, learning things we didn't know about this boy. His obssessions are anchored in the past, letting his childhood and early teens surround him, the times when he claims to have only had a handful of friends and not the avid followers that proclaim his perfection to him upon the arrival of each new selfie.

A self-proclaimed Belieber, learn more of Matt's world inside the pages of Issue 7 "Obsessions", wrapped into a beautiful 10-page Saint Laurent exclusive fashion story. Click here to find out how to get a copy of our latest issue.

Interview extracts:

I want to dive straight in to Matt Ardell and his obsessions.
I’m obsessed with a couple of things, I took some notes. Right now I’m really obsessed with Pokémon. It was really big when I was a little kid, I remember my 5th birthday when my auntie got me a Gameboy colour with Pikachu on it, and it was like gold. Even my dad would take it at night and play it, and when I woke up my Pokémon would be way stronger than the night before. I would be battling Japanese people and they will always beat me because they’re more obsessed! But I think its really fun because it is nostalgic in a way, I’m just re-living my childhood with this one.

Instant analogue by Cecilie Harris. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

I’m also really into Britney Spears. When I was in 3rd grade, we did this fundraising thing and if you sold enough stuff you would get a Britney Spears CD. All the kids would be like ‘eww I hate Britney Spears’, cause it was cool not to like something when you were a kid, as if you’re a loser if you like it. But then when I was 13 there was that whole drama about her shaving her head, and "Blackout" came out, and I thought Britney was kind of cool and crazy. So I had the album on my iPod and put it on repeat. And of course, there is my Justin Bieber obsession as well. I really like him, and again when you where a kid people thought you weren’t cool if you listened to Justin Bieber. But then as I got older, I thought it was kind of funny to like him, and he’s actually quite good. When ‘As Long As You Love Me’ came out on the radio and I was like ‘this is kind of cool, who is it?’, and I was like ‘Oh shit, it’s Justin Bieber’. From then I just got really into him. I went back to listen to some of his earlier stuff, and then on to his newer stuff which is more mature and kind of cool. He’s really cute too.

I wanted to talk about idolizing people today. It’s a different scenario to when I was growing up and all we had was the posters on our wall.
Compare it to the Beatles, they had super fans, but with social media it gives us different access to our idols and it creates a different kind of scenario and connection. Different artists have their own fan following, and the different fan groups of other artists may be completely divided, like if someone supports one artist they can’t support another. Justin Bieber’s fans are called Beliebers.

Are you a belieber, Matt?
I do beliebe! haha It’s kind of funny though. What a silly thing to call yourself, it’s kind of screwed up. I think musicians have the power to really inspire people though. For instance Justin got his fame from putting a video on YouTube, and that will give other people the push and confidence to put themselves out there and share their talent too.

Any other obsessions while we are on the topic?
I’m obsessed with taking pictures with my phone too, I take pictures of anything I see. I feel like I have a very visual eye, cause I like art and stuff. I filled up my computer with 30,000 pictures and I couldn’t fit anything more on it. I have been using Instagram for my selfies and put other stuff on my blog. I love the instant gratification by taking a picture wherever you want and sharing it, it’s kind of amazing. You get to see what so many people’s world is like. I like to share things that are quite fun and positive, it’s funny to be a bit silly or cute and write little captions with emojis, which is another thing I’m quite obsessed about. They are so universal.

Interview by Cecille Harris.
Words by Liz Ord .

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