Daniel The Old Soul

8 January 2013

With his Ernest Hemingway book in hand, it was always clear that 19 year-old Daniel Lock from Models 1 was going to be the thoughtful, modest type of boy that we (the BBG team) adore. He was definitely the first boy we’ve had in to shoot that’s been studying zoology, and of course at this news we instantly fell in love.

And who wouldn’t with a boy who cares so much about nature, reads classic literature and listens to The Velvet Underground in his spare time?

If you missed out on seeing Daniel’s stunning portrait series by photographer Cecilie Harris then go check it out here. Meanwhile check out our full and exclusive interview with Daniel below.

So how long have you been modelling for?
I’ve been with my agency about three years I think… so yeah three years!

What’s been the highlight so far?
Oh God I don’t know haha. I went to Amsterdam the other week so that was pretty sweet, and Budapest actually was another trip.

So you’ve travelled quite a few places, where would you most like to go?
What anywhere in the world?

Probably the middle of a rainforest somewhere or something; yeah somewhere just for me. If I was travelling with my modelling, I’d probably like to go to a city like Paris that would be cool. Maybe go there to do some runway work.

Pretty Polaroid by Cecilie Harris

So what’s your favourite shoot been of your career so far?
I did a really fun one, I think it was with Asos about a year ago, but it was just with a bunch of other models. It was just really good fun, there was a really good vibe!

So we heard that you’re doing a zoology degree?
Yeah I am!

How come you decided to study Zoology?
I’ve just always been obsessed with nature, its really interesting to me. It’s basically just biology but you focus on studying animals really.

So taking in account your degree and your modelling, where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I don’t know, I’d still love to be doing Zoology I guess; I think I’d like to be working in a museum or something really… it sounds boring but that’s what I’d like to do!

Nah museums are cool! Which is your favourite one in London?
Natural History museum of course! Haha!

So what do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to read and stuff, going on excursions, lots of normal things! Music and reading and things like that. I’m reading Ernest Hemingway ‘For whom the bell Tolls’ at the moment.

Ah wow a classic!
Yeah its good.

What kind of music are you into?
All sorts, you know, a lot of new stuff really, as well as some classical music too. I like going to see live gigs too, who doesn’t?

So if you had your iPod with you right now, what would be your top played songs?
Venus in Furs by The Velvet underground, then maybe Silver by the Pixies, and then I’ll probably have to get some Fleetfoxes and Bonobo in there as well I think.

If you had one wish what would it be?
More wishes I think!

Any final words?
Haha not really, except thank you for the interview!

Aww bless!

Polaroid_Daniel Lock_resized
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