Conversations With Boys

13 October 2015

Tic Tac Toe. Noughts and crosses. Simon Says it's time to talk.

Sometimes conversation is easy. You meet people and you click, you fall into place as if the years you were apart, the years you weren't friends doesn't mean a thing. You just simply understand one another. You get that twinkle in the eye, the words that mean opposites and the games that built the foundations of both of your childhoods.

When boys talk, sometimes you don't want to interrupt, so we let the boys sort their own interview this time. BBG cover boy and illustrator extraordinaire Sam Alexander talks his way into Simon K's memories and life in this one-on-one conversation that is laced with boyish charm. The Established Models boys quickly assume the role of self professed radio broadcasters, bringing along with them humour, fun and an inkling of wisdom. Maybe, just maybe, BBG Radio will be a thing at some point in the future in an imaginary world. (Tune in at 6.00pm).

Simon, tell me, how have you been?
I have been really good actually.

Tell me more...
Yeah, I had a great summer, man.

What did you get up to?
Just working, traveling and chilling, you know. It was over all a really good summer and the weather was good as well.

Instant Analogue by Sam Alexander and Cecilie Harris. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

Cool. Yeah, that’s pretty chilled. Where did you go traveling?
Just bits and bobs with the fashion week and then after, I did a few jobs, so, yeah, it’s feeling good.

Do you go traveling quite a lot?
I don’t know. It kind of depends.

On what?
On life, haha.

What’s the best place you’ve travelled to so far?
The best place I’ve been? Aaaah, oh man, that’s a really hard question. I don’t know, they’re all really good, you know. I don’t like picking favorites and least favorites and tops and what not.

Where do you have coming up that you are excited to visit?
Oh, I’ve got an answer to that already. I’m going to Amsterdam tomorrow!

Wicked. What are you looking forward to doing in Amsterdam?
Haha, I don’t know. Just chilling, man. Have some good food and drinks, see some places. I’ve heard that they have some really quirky and weird museums and stuff in Amsterdam. And maybe, hopefully, I can do some cycling.

You can rent bikes there, can’t you?
Yeah, I think so, there are bikes everywhere, so it should be fine.

What have you learnt this year?
I’ve learnt to enjoy myself, cause I quit the part time job I used to do and that opened up more free time in addition to modelling, and it’s been nice actually not doing anything apart from your own stuff… breaking the rules.

You have a photography degree. How is your website coming along? (laughs)
I don’t know, haha.

Sorry, that was a really shit question, wasn’t it?
Yeah! (Everyone laughs)

What inspires you… just be imaginative.
Well, I’m always interested in people, and I'm curious about their environments and cultures they live in.

What is your own environment like?
I don’t really have that many things around me, I don’t like having things. I’m not a buyer of things. It’s just things, isn’t it? I’m precious with my guitar gear and that’s it. Apart from that I don’t really buy a lot of things.

I always think that stuff you've found is always worth more than something you have bought.
That’s a good point as well.

You play the guitar?
I have been playing the guitar since I was six years old. My dad actually wanted me to sing, but I preferred playing guitar.

Guitar is always a more physical thing, isn’t it? Because you’re actually hitting it, and you got the different sound variations and it’s a very physical motion, isn’t it?
Yeah, true that! Definitely.

I really kind of like doing interviews. We should do a Boys by Girls Podcast every week.
Oh, yeah, or a Boys by Girls radio!

Oh, we should set that up! Like an underground radio station.
Aaaah duuuuude! We could play sick playlists and all.

I’d be the guy on radio station, so no one can hack it and we’re underground...
(Sung to a radio tune) 'Tune in! Boys by Girls Radio!' 'Model Interviews'

Haha, okay back on track then. What else could I ask you? What would you like me to ask you? (They laugh) Did you break any bones in your body?
I smashed my middle finger once. It got stuck in a really heavy door, you know, the door was shut completely with my fingers still in. It was literally flat. (Sam shudders and Simon begins to laugh). It was so shocking that I couldn’t open the door.

So you were just watching for a little bit.
I got so weak, and was shocked, so couldn't actually open it.

Was it a car door?
No, it was a really heavy door, a safety door or something that everyone back home has got, because there are a lot of burglaries.

If you could name any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be?
Bullshit man, celebrities, they’re just people.

Oooh, I like this. Good answer!

How would you describe yourself in three words?
In three words? Oh man!

Cecilie: If you need more i can give you five. I'm the editor.
I got this asked once and I said 'I’m happy to be glad'. But, yeah, it’s a bit shit isn’t it?

No, that’s good. I like that! What item of clothing is your favorite? If you went to a desert island and could only take one item of clothing with you, what would you take?
The most practical thing would definitively be jeans.

What if you’re going for a run?
You’re on an island, dude, what would you go on a run for? You’re struggling to survive, man!

What about something out of canvas, like a jacket, then you could put a stick in the middle and make a tent out of it?
But then you’d be butt-naked with a canvas jacket on an island.

What would you like to tell the BBG audience?
Just chill and be yourself. Just keep exploring. The realms of reality.

Cecilie: So, will we get to see your photography sometime?
One day.

Interview by Sam Alexander.
Words by Sophie Mayanne.

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